By notattractiveatall - Australia - Newcastle
Today, two girls came up to me on the street and asked if they could take a photo with me for their high school scavenger hunt, because they needed a picture with a stranger. One of the girls shook her head and said to the other, "It needs to be an attractive stranger" and walked away. FML
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  that_guy666  |  3

47- if you actually took a few seconds and clicked on my profile, it clearly states that I'm 21 years old. so per your question I'm not in high school. and 60 thank you :).

  mintymandy  |  11

SWAG..a code word made up back in the 50's-60's to indicate a homosexual orgy, stands for "secretly we are gay"...yeah, I'm guessing you got it.

By  Ranchtastic  |  4

The real objective was probably "make a bitchy comment to a stranger and have our generation look worse than it already is." Sorry you fell victim to teenage insolence, OP.

By  turkturkington  |  13

You should have said, "Yes, you'll need someone like Marilyn Monroe or Brad Pitt to make a photo with you in it look half decent. Try Hollywood, in the first plastic surgery clinic you see. Think about spending some of your pocket money when you're there, but make sure you're home before bed time! Have a good day", and walked off.

By  bladedrose  |  3

You should be happy! You have a automatic bitch deflector shield! Makes it easy to separate the girls worth dating, and the girls not worth your time! theory...anywho ^.^