By notattractiveatall - 15/10/2012 22:09 - Australia - Newcastle

Today, two girls came up to me on the street and asked if they could take a photo with me for their high school scavenger hunt, because they needed a picture with a stranger. One of the girls shook her head and said to the other, "It needs to be an attractive stranger" and walked away. FML
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that_guy666 3

most high school kids really need to grow up and act mature.

Don't worry, OP, girls from high school are bitches sometimes. Let them talk and walk away.


Hey the truth hurts....

wyattshack 4

You're a cunt. Hey you're right it does hurt

You are kinda an ass I don't know if anyone ever told you, though I'm sure it has been stated a least a few times

It does hurt, that's why you don't have a profile picture right?

flutter4 7

What makes you think the girl who wanted the pic with an "attractive stranger" is actually attractive herself?

I didn't see that on the rubric!

that_guy666 3

most high school kids really need to grow up and act mature.

This isn't really immatureness as it is rudeness. High school kids aren't the only group who don't like people based on looks.

whiteboy896 9

fuck bitches, get money:)

that_guy666 3

13- it's rude as well. I didn't think of that. immaturity was the first thing that came too my mind.

So, judging by the immature hairdoo in you picture, you're in high school?

47- We literally JUST went over this. And how the hell can a hairdo be "immature"?

aleahlioness 15

His hair is epic..

that_guy666 3

47- if you actually took a few seconds and clicked on my profile, it clearly states that I'm 21 years old. so per your question I'm not in high school. and 60 thank you :).

Don't worry, OP, girls from high school are bitches sometimes. Let them talk and walk away.

SApprentice 34

It's okay. Her bad behavior will come back to haunt her in some way or another. Try not to let some superficial kid get to you, OP.

Who needs attractiveness when you got swag

I just vomited a little in the inside. Oh, there's the blood.

I hope you fall into an endless pit of Legos.

SWAG..a code word made up back in the 50's-60's to indicate a homosexual orgy, stands for "secretly we are gay"...yeah, I'm guessing you got it.

kroekdog 7

Your comment gave me cancer.

Let the cleansing begin *grabs really big sword*

Aww I'm sorry OP. that was so harsh

Ranchtastic 4

The real objective was probably "make a bitchy comment to a stranger and have our generation look worse than it already is." Sorry you fell victim to teenage insolence, OP.

I would've said, "It's okay, I've already got a wall full of photos of you."

And then they would probably spend some time with you.

You should have said, "Yes, you'll need someone like Marilyn Monroe or Brad Pitt to make a photo with you in it look half decent. Try Hollywood, in the first plastic surgery clinic you see. Think about spending some of your pocket money when you're there, but make sure you're home before bed time! Have a good day", and walked off.

Ach lads, ye's are all too sensitive...

CantBeatMe2007 5

That was just plain stupid.

Mister_Triangle 21

OP needs time to breath or he'd suffocate trying to say all that

bladedrose 3

You should be happy! You have a automatic bitch deflector shield! Makes it easy to separate the girls worth dating, and the girls not worth your time! theory...anywho ^.^