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Today, I was complimented by my guests about the great of service I was giving them. They then left me a $2 tip on a $50 tab. FML
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Well at least you know the service was great and that's not the reason why you got a low tip

I wish everyone had to work at least a week in the service industry just to get educated about tipping. In before the "Why should I have to tip you..." "if you don't like it, get another job..." But then who would be there to serve you your entrees?" hmmmm?


Well at least you know the service was great and that's not the reason why you got a low tip

They're just cheap...the other night I gave a $10 tip on a $38 tab. Those ppl were bad customers. Sorry OP

I wish everyone had to work at least a week in the service industry just to get educated about tipping. In before the "Why should I have to tip you..." "if you don't like it, get another job..." But then who would be there to serve you your entrees?" hmmmm?

People who enjoy their job would serve the entrees. Coming from someone who enjoyed their service job.

Yes, the system is flawed. But it's designed to keep food cost lower at many restaurants. If restaurants were to pay their employees full wages, it would jack up the prices of the entrees, drinks etc... Not only do servers depend on tips, they are also responsible for tipping out the bartender, hostess, busboy, and food runners around 5% or higher of their total sales. If you don't get tipped at all, you are still suppose to tip the others out and can end up negative. By law, the employer needs to make up the difference but then they start questioning your work skills, whether your guests aren't tipping correctly from lack of service? Which is not the case in this OP's FML. I don't expect everyone to understand or accept the way tipping works but at least be knowledge and if you want to be "one of those people"... there's not much we can do about it. Still sucks none the less.

I disagree. I'd rather food items cost slightly more than to feel obligated to tip well for decent to good service. A few states like California and Minnesota have a high minimum wage for wait plus tips.I've also been harassed over not leaving a tip where I had terrible service or when I didn't have enough for a but wanted eat a nice meal with my wife since we don't go out much. It sucks when great service isn't merited but no one should feel like they should tip simply for doing their even if they work extra hard at a table.

I worked in a restaurant for a year to pay for all my college bills, and I never kicked up a fuss whenever someone didn't tip me. It's not like you're getting paid nothing, there are thousands of homeless people who would do anything to work in a job like that

In most other countries, tipping isn't even allowed. People just do their jobs properly. In most States you're required to be above tipped minimum wage. Several require at LEAST federal minimum wage if you don't make more htan that through tips. This needs to be the norm. Tipping is a stupid concept. People should make minimum wage regardless. You shouldn't need incentive to do your job properly. You should just do it and get your advertised pay. Too many wait staff out there that do amazing for a few people, get great tips, then do shitty for others because they're tired and already made the money wanted. Just get paid a set number like normal people.

giving great service is your job... you dont get paid extra for doing your job. you just get paid.

I worked in as a waitress for 2 years and I still feel that a tip is something that should be appreciated not expected.

No, minimum 6 months. Be considerate, people.

If you can't afford to tip, you can't afford to eat out. If they paid there servers normal wages you would be paying the same amount, but in food costs.

Do you not get a paycheck? I worked fast food and never got or expected tips. It sucked. I had to deal with idiot and disrespectful customers but I got a paycheck every other week, so that's why I put up with it. No one paid me extra for being nice and providing good service. That was just expected from my employer who was paying me lol. I didn't know I had to option to be a bitch, in exchange of not getting a little extra money lol.

It entirely depends on if they are being paid enough by the place in my opinion. I'd prefer they just be paid the same as other jobs but some places don't do that

Working at most sit down restaurants is completely different than working fast food because at fast food places the staff get at least minimum wage but for a sit down server the hourly wage is drastically cut. For instance, if minimum wage is set at $8 a sit down servers hourly wage could be set at $3 because they are expected to work for tips to make up the difference. So they arent trying to get extra money when they try to get tips they are trying to earn the same amount of money or more that you would somewhere that pays minimim.

Most waitstaff have paychecks that are $0 after taxes and other things are taken out. In the state of Ohio, we only make $4.05/hour as servers, so we depend on the tips to make up our paycheck.

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U.S. labour laws appear to encourage slavery. Scary stuff.

Four things 1. Don't count on your bonuses before they're collected. Tips are bonuses 2. You choose your place of employment, you know the risks vs rewards. Don't complain 3. As a consumer, I expect all places selling a good or service to adjust the price to cover overhead. I'm not going to feel obligated for paying someone extra to do their job 4. I expect a server to do a good job: be polite, be helpful. Bonuses are meant for going above and beyond, not just being kind and helpful

I agree with you, I only tip when they go above and beyond their normal expectation. Not just for doing their job. I think it's ridiculous that people expect a tip for what they already make money off of.

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Does this 2.5/hr wage exist in America? I'm confused, do servers actually make below minimum wages?

Being able to pay rent is a privilege. Because there are options. If you're in a $2500/month apartment, it's a privilege to pay for that. Not others' responsibility. You can cut costs by eliminating internet, downsizing, getting a second job, cut out the cigarettes or booze or steak or Oreos or organic stuff. I got my wife and I thru 4 years of college by working my ass off, getting an apartment that would do, and eating ramen. It was an investment. Invest, reap the rewards.

Yes any job that receives tips are allowed to make below minimum wage. The average hourly pay for servers is well below minimum wage because they expect our tips to bring us up to minimum wage. This is why when customers don't tip it is frustrating because that is where most of our money is coming from.

luther48 sounds like one of those "I only give Jesus 10%. I'm not giving you 20%" people.

Nope he sounds more like "everyone else is already giving Jesus money so why should I at all". Jesus knew the risk. Lol

A tip is in no way a "bonus." A bonus is extra money you get on top of an already standard salary/wage. A server's tips are the money that gives them that standard wage. They make below minimum wage, tips are paid so it makes up for that. So they are in no way a bonus. They would be more like a bonus if we actually paid our servers decently, at least at minimum wage, and then a tip was added.

If your hourly wage and tips do not add up to minimum wage, per pay period, your employer is required by federal law to make up the difference. The Federal minimum wage is exactly that. The minimum pay you can collect for your work.

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Yes, and some employers don't do that, they get their employees to declare that they made more tips than they do, and only making $7.25 for working service is shit. It's not worth it if you only make minimum wage.

Completely agree with you. I used to tip all the time but a couple years back I forgot. When the waiter saw that I had forgot to tips she screamed threw a kettle of boiling water at my chest and I spent weeks in the ER, and there's a huge dark scar where it happened. Bastards. They expect you to give them bonuses even though they already get paid tons. I've seen waiters with porsches get into arguments with people for tipping them 'only 5 dollars' and shout 'how am I supposed to support my life with that'

#12, I'm not sure you actually understand what the word "privilege" means.

From what I have learnt is when tips don't make up the state minimum the restaurants will match that for you. I think it should be a rule for people running the restaurant business to pay at least 10-12 dollars per hour as minimum. Then they won't have to count on tips. If I'm in a dinning place and my bill goes to 40 bucks it's hurting to pay 20 percent as tip. So places also have that on receipt like 15 % , 25 % 40% tip. I think that's very mean & rude. Such stupid attempts have reduced me to getting carry out that way I'm not obligated to tip anyone. I don't want to pay 50 dollars on one dinning/ restaurant trip.. This is the prime reason restaurants / dinning places are losing business coz those servers look at you n expect a lot.. it's like breaking an arm & leg

So this is the kinda guy luther48 is: You can do whatever you want in any aspect of your life, but you also don't get to complain about the consequences. If you choose to be a server, understand the risk is you may not get a tip. If you choose to be rude to servers, understand you may get bad service. If you bitch slap a bear, you may get mauled. If you buy a lottery ticket you may win $200M or you may waste $2.

A server only makes under minimum wage in America in other countries the servers are payed at least minimum wage and get tips for being good at their jobs so not tipping doesn't make you a douche it makes you the rest of the world.

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As a waitress, I made 2.13/hr. Tips are it salary, not a bonus. Don't be a dick.

Servers make 2.13 - 3.00 dollars an hour. Tips are the ONLY thing you make. After taxes, I have never received a pay check, and I will owe more at the end of the year. Serving is the only applicable and flexible job available for a full time engineering student like me.

For those saying tips aren't actually a bonus, they're salary, grow up! A tip by definition is something you receive out of generosity or going above and beyond (synonym bonus). Salary is something you receive for performing your job expectedly.

Their salary are made with tips in mind. They are paid shit because it's expected you tip. If you don't tip you're ******* them over. The servers aren't at fault, the people who decide to do that is. And before you start on your "well you choose" bullshit, think maybe that's the only option? I'd prefer someone working for shit pay and helping them live than them not working.

That's your prerogative, nobody will feel bad because you don't go out to eat due to cost. Eating out is a luxury, and when you eat out it is generally accepted that you will spend money, money far and beyond the cost of cooking your own meal.

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Yes. It does in america. from waitresses to some bartenders. they make less hourly pay than minimum wage.

Perhaps their finacial situation doesn't allow them to tip big, which is why they opted to tell you instead so you didn't feel like you did a poor job?

Exactly. Not everyone is made of money and can leave an "adequate" tip every time they go out to eat. With more people it's not hard to end up with a $50 bill, even at a lower end restaurant.

As the saying goes, "if you can't afford to tip, go to McDonald's."

If you can afford the first $50, you can afford the extra $7 that gives your server their living. When you give a shitty tip, you are costing that server money because they make below minimum wage, and often have to split tips with the kitchen. I always tip at least 18% to my servers, and I'm a college student who doesn't make a whole lot of money. I know what I'm getting into when I go out, and that a tip is going to be included in what I spend. If you can't afford to tip decently, then you can't afford to go out, stay at home.

To be honest, I only pay $2 tips regardless unless I'm at a really nice restaurant then sometimes I tip $4 at the max. I can't afford to tip big.

The tip is part of the price. Should it be that way? Maybe not, but until there is major reform in the way that services industry folks are paid, it is the way it works. If you can't afford to tip, you can't afford that meal. if you stiff your servers, they often pay put of pocket for your meal as tip share with support staff is often calculated based on sales instead of on how much they were actually tipped.

18 and 22 So what you're saying is you think that servers are more deserving then anyone else. Because you know that being able to afford a 50$ bill doesn't mean that you have an extra couple bucks in your pocket. It may have been all they had. Sometimes you just need a happy moment in your life. OR any other number of reasons I could list that the person eating out wanted to eat out and had just enough. It works both ways. Taking your philosophy I can tell that server that if she can't afford to work where she is at then she should go work at McDonalds where she will make more.

I agree with this. Mcdonalds hires anyone really and they make minimum wage, which is still hard to live off of so why not tip them too? Why not tip everyone who does a good job? Do you tip the artist that underprices themselves if you buy art? Tipping is a flawed system. But they can easily make $100 in one good night in tips, however if they worked a minimum wage job, they'd only bring home $50 a night. What irks me is when they expect a tip even if they don't do their job well. You do your job and a tip should be given if the service is excellent not because you need tips to survive. I would be more than willing to serve myself if they'd let me get my food from their counter. But op, I believe ydi because at least you got a tip. What about the rest of the tables that you waited on? Did they tip? I'm pretty sure you made more than $2 in tips that night. How hard was the work? Also, you can't tell me a $50 hamburger takes more effort than a $4 hamburger. You shouldn't expect it to be based off of percentages.

If you can't afford to tip, DON'T GO OUT TO EAT! I was dead broke at one point in my life so I didn't go out to eat. I bought groceries. Why? Because I knew there was a good chance the person I would rip off with that lame ass excuse "I can't afford it" was in the same position as me. You can't afford to tip? Guess what? A lot of people can't afford to not get a tip. If you can make it to the restaurant, you can make it to the grocery store. Jeez. It's not that hard.

And you're all telling me you've worked every single job you've ever worked because you wanted to? Well that must be nice. In the real world people take the job they can get, not the job they want, so saying, "Get another job," is bullshit because that's far easier said than done. Choosing where you work certainly isn't as easy as choosing where you eat. If you don't like the concept of tipping, don't spend your money in industries where it's the norm and where workers literally rely on tips for their livelihoods, because yes, the way tipped wages work, that's the reality of it. No, you're not legally required to tip, but you are morally obligated to do so, especially if the service you receive is good quality.

then you can't afford to go out. It's not like you walk into a restaurant and it's a huge surprise that you're supposed to tip. going into a restaurant you know you need to tip it's basically part of your meal.

Yeah well in the art business it's very rare that someone leaves a tip. Not only do you get badgered to do free art all the time, you get people telling you to lower your prices, they don't like the style, etc. artists usually undersell themselves for the time they put in. Oh you put 8 hours into a piece? Well I only wanna pay $5, but you can't afford not to take commissions. Not to mention you're fighting every other artist out there. I chose the job, I live with it.

Keep your head up OP... I'd take a compliment and a low tip than nothing at all...

I think this was a douche move. In the US servers are not paid a living wage! They are paid around $2.50-2.75/hr. Their entire livelihood depends on tips. In many countries they pay servers well but the US refuses. So who ever tipped not even 10% on a $50 bill is an asshole plain and simple. & if they couldn't afford a $50 tab they shouldn't have been at a restaurant where they could wrack up that type of expense.

My coworker answer I work in new York minimum wage is 7.25 for waitresses but our boss only pays us 4 and we can't complain or we will get fired bit we can't afford to quit and find a new job because how much he pays us

From what I'm understanding, people would rather the stores up their price a little and pay their waiters a decent wage instead of relying on tip...and I agree that would simplify things. But in reality, if you go to a more "expensive" restauraunt and pay 5.75$/meal, or to a "cheaper" one which charges 5$ but expects you to tip, doesn't it essentially cost the same? So whether you live in an area where waiters are payed well and the meal is 5.75$, or an area where you are fully aware the waiter makes only 2-3$/hour and so the meal is priced at 5$ but tip is expected, isn't it just common sense in both cases not to go to those restauraunts unless you can afford at least 5.75$?

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Yes, but the current system forces the client to tip out of guilt, but what if I thought you were an awful waitress and don't want to? I'd rather pay the extra for the food and not feel guilty for not giving you the tip you don't deserve.

Yeah, but in the FML it's very clear that her service was stellar. I agree that tipping-culture is not good, but that's no reason to punish an excellent waitress. So I still don't think it really makes sense to go eat at a resturaunt where I you know the food is cheaper because tip is culturally expected, receive great service, and then not give a tip.

And in any case, when it comes to bad service, tipping kinda works in the customer's favor. I have a friend who's a steady tipper (15-20%) but if the waitress is incredibly rude, she'll give them nothing and tell them exactly why. Whereas in the cases you mentioned (if it's a no-tip store, or if you choose to tip out of guilt) the horrible waitress would end up getting paid the same. Despite this though, I still personally prefer higher prices than expected tips, but if I visit somewhere where I know food is cheaper because tipping is culturally expected, I'm not gonna take out my dislike of the system on some random hard-working waitress, and I won't go to the restauraunt if I know I can't afford to tip a good waitress.

I'm the only one here who thinks that 2$ is okayish for a 50$ bill?

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That's only 4%. Even 10% is on the lower end.

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It depends a lot on the country that you're eating in. In most countries the waitstaff is paid well enough that tips are not depended on and are just a bonus for a good job. They're appreciated, but generally not required. In the US, waitstaff are severely underpaid with the intention of tips supplementing the rest of their hourly wage. They depend on them to make a living. The general rule is 15% at the minimum for a tip - making $7-8 reasonable for $50 though more is always better. $2 is only 4% of $50. Which, considering the waitress/waiter still needs to tip the rest of the house, basically leaves them in the negative.

Yes, you are the only one. You should eat at home until you learn what the rest of civil society tips.

@richardpencil, in my area, it's cheaper and more affordable to go out to eat than to eat at your home.

Where is this magical place? I've lived all over the US and buying food at a grocery store is far cheaper than eating out.

So if servers don't get tipped then their customers are horrible people and the servers count on and need those tips to live. Okay so when they make enough to live on that month should they tell people to stop tipping them and refuse to except them until the next bill paying period?

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#59 - No, because they still deserve being paid for the job they do. Having a little extra one month doesn't mean they might the next and don't have to use that extra to offset the lack the next month. Your boss doesn't suddenly stop paying you for your work the second you make enough to cover your bills from that month. That little bit of extra money left after bills will let them fix that car issue or see a doctor or put some savings away. Maybe even buy themselves something nice for a change instead of constantly guilting themselves out of it.

#30 In my country waiters are well paid, and tips are usually something extra. Tipping in my country is not common, thats why I guess 2$ on 50$ bill is okey.

Unfortunately, the US allows large corporations to essentially buy laws via lobbyists. So the restaurant lobby, made up of large companies that can afford to schmooze lawmakers, has managed to exempt restaurants from paying minimum wage through the use of tipping. I don't agree with the system, but I'm not going to screw my server by not tipping,unless the service is truly awful. If you visit the US, be prepared to tip; 15% is a good starting point, but you can adjust based on the service.

Not really. $2 is what I tip someone when I get a haircut.

Maybe they thought the sincere, heartfelt compliment was worth more than money?

I never understood the concept of tip, isn't it restaurants duty to pay its employees. First they bill you hefty amount, then they also want you to tip their employees.

They'd bill you much more if they paid the employees. Tip your servers.

they'd bill you more...... what a stupd way of looking at it, its either $45 for a meal and a $10 'tip' or its a $55 meal and the staff get paid a real amount? that just showd why america is so behind the rest of the world, anything to not have to pay the staff, no wonder the majority of the US is poverty stricken... that and the US miltary is a waste of money