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By goin4broke - 07/08/2009 15:23 - United States

Today, my parents came to the restaurant I work at as a waiter. After, I picked up the check to realize they had left me a $500 tip! We split the tips among the employees so I only got $50 back but I was still psyched. When I got home they asked me if I had noticed that they used my credit card. FML
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I hope you told them that you had to split the tips. What a waste. they thought they were being clever and wasted all your tip money. Heh. FYL indeed.

your parents suck


I hope you told them that you had to split the tips. What a waste. they thought they were being clever and wasted all your tip money. Heh. FYL indeed.

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you split your tip because thats how many restaurants are run...splitting the tips with the wait staff, busboys, bartenders....not because the waiter said hey look i got $500 and i wanna share it!!

YDI for not flushing the toilet.

YDI for not donating all that money to charities. And for not becoming a nun.

um, you split the tips because if you didn't, the bartenders and busboys, and the host/ess wouldn't get anything because only the waiters get the tips. but lets say you got a $50 tip instead of a $10 tip because you managed to get the food to the table in time because the chef was really fast & so was the bartender, ect so they helped you earn that tip so its nice to split them. so yeah, THATS why he would do that. try common sense much, god. you're an idiot. did you know that? well, now you do. im also guesing your parents never taught you manners either cause your rude as hell since you don't know common courtesy.

Yeah, but at least where I live, the bartenders get their own tips, and there are no busboys, so you can just go fuck yourself.

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youre just dumb

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It's never failed to amaze me how society expects this "tip" thing. Do I tip the girl at fast food joints for bringing my food to my table? Do I tip the sales associate who helped me find the right size of pants? Do I tip my dentist for yanking a painful tooth? Hell, do I even tip the COOK/CHEF/w.e. who MADE the dinner??? Hellz no. I tip the woman or man who brought it to me. Nevermind how tipping's percentage has gone up over the years... When I was TAUGHT to tip, it was 10%... Now it's upwards of 20-25% I'm told... OK, so the PRICES have already gone up with inflation, so the 10% tip of yesteryear is already increased... why did we increase the percentage as well?!?!?!? And who sets and regulates this sort of thing??? Society has the most retarded expectations. And people wonder why I'd happily see you all buried as compost... As for parents who trick their dumb kid into buy them dinner and leaving himself a 500.oo tip, I'd report them for credit card fraud. See how funny they think it is then.

But that's why they pay waiters next to nothing wages, and those people like the Chef and hostess make more money. Waiters wages are designed to where the majority of their income is their tips, this must be a chain or corporate owned restaurant that OP works at, because that's a BS policy about splitting tips, that kind of shit is for coffee and ice cream shops. And Bartenders make their own tips too, most restaurants that serve cocktails have bars where people can go up and sit at.

The idea is to make a larger portion of a waiter's/waitress's salary directly proportional to how well they do their job by paying them a lower base salary and getting the rest in tips. If not for tips service would generally be a lot worse and no cheaper.

@71: "And people wonder why I'd happily see you all buried as compost"?? You should seriously go get some help.

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I've tried... California's too broke

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I lol'ed at reporting them for credit card fraud. That's what I would do. And tell them I would put them in a home where rats eat their faces.

71 you are an idiot...if you can't tip your server even 20% since the "inflation" is so rough, then don't waste our time going out to eat. i've been a waitress for years, i get paid 2.33 an hour, and every day i put up with people who feel it's okay not to tip people who's job is to make sure their meals are good and they are happy...and if you can't appreciate the hard work servers go through to make sure you are happy, then don't even dine out. in a lot of restaurants, a portion of your tip is going to the hostess who sat you, the bartender who made your drinks, the cook who made your food, the expo who made sure your food got out on time, and the busser who made sure your table was clean.

Why tf would you work for less than $3 an hour when you're on your feet all day and treated poorly? That makes absolutely no sense. I sit at a desk all day and make $18/h.... maybe its time for a new job.

steph last I checked 20% was for exceptional service not average service. Also, why are you complaining about tips since you've been a server for years? One would think you're used to it by now. Those people who feel its ok not to tip people for only doing their job and nothing more are correct in their belief. I don't know where you servers get this feeling of self entitlement from; if not getting tipped for only doing your job, and nothing extra, bothers you then maybe you shouldn't be a server.

Why would you split your tips, that's fucked up. More like "FUCK YOUR JOB NIQQA"

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Steph, If you are really a server than how come you don't know how much you make? No where in North America or Australia is it legal for a server to make $2.33 - anyone who has ever truly working in waitstaffing can tell you that, and there is a giant sign in every restaurant that by law, has to be placed somewhere employees walk past every day stating the same. You can have a base wage of $2.33 but in no way does that mean you make $2.33 - if your tips don't bring you up to minimum wage, your employer pays the difference between your base wage and minimum wage. IF you are are going to lie about working somewhere, at least get your facts straight

#139 - Yes, it actually IS legal. The government assumes that you will be making up for the hourly wage in tips, so it is legal to be paid much, much less than what is the state law for "minimum wage". In New York I was only paid $4.35 per hour while minimum wage elsewhere was over $7 bucks. I agree that the system is fucked up. We should be getting paid much more than the minimum wage for the work we do, so that way when we don't get tips, we're not suffering from it. Whoever thought up the system of "Oh, well we'll just ASSUME the customers tip them well enough to make up for it" was a fucking jackass. Also, to those who think that servers are just the same as anybody working in the fast food industry or something else like that - FUCK YOU. Even if we both get paid the SAME AMOUNT HOURLY (In California servers DO get paid minimum wage just like everywhere, unlike a lot of other states), the government still takes out A LOT MORE TAXES than they do from somebody who works say, as a cashier at McDonalds, because they ASSUME we make lots of tips, and they also take out what we are FORCED to claim. It's bullshit, and you really shouldn't go out to fucking eat if you haven't done your research on how it is for us and yet you still think it's okay not to tip. Seriously, I hope a rat takes a shit in your food next time you go out to eat.

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I'm satanic stfu

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either 35 is missing more than a few marbles or has an odd sense of humour.

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139 in America it is legal because the waiter claims their tips which puts them atleast at minimum wage. also it's the law that if you don't make enough tips to make minimum wage the manager has to pay you more. and for you people saying it's stupid to tip you do know that waiters or valet and stuff do not make minimum wage without the tips. tips are their main pay. I could understand not tipping if they are a crappy waiter or they made minimum wage.

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my bad 139 I only read the first few sentences before I posted and jumped to a conclusion

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Yeah, where I work we tip out the bartenders and host. 3 percent of our total sales go to the ones who earn at least min wage... and the bartenders get their own tips! Hella fucked up.

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Cxal, you're wrong. I'm a server and make 2.13 an hour. I work in the states and have been a server for years. And 20 percent is about an avg tip and a normal expectation. A party with 7 or more has an automatic added gratuity of 20 percent.

I just love being in Australia where you're not expected to tip. It's not considered offensive if you don't tip, and if you do, it's appreciated a lot more :-)

I always tip 25%-40% because at the end of the day, those are waiters, they make so little money, they need that money a lot more then I do.

Depending on where you work in Canada, you make minimum wage plus gratuities. As a former waitress myself, I only tip for above average service. I wouldn't expect to receive a tip for just doing my job, therefore I go above and beyond to earn my tip and I expect the servers serving me to do the same.

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so there are 100 employees working that night?

I don't know how you pass school...500/50 is 10 smart one

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YDi for letting someone else using your credit card. and for splitting the tip

your parents suck

I second that. Wtf dude, get your money back from them.

You wouldnt notice your name on the credit card or the credit card receipt???? Your a waiter pretty sure your suppossed to pay attention to things like that. That could just be me, it's okay though because you will get it back from them, just go grab a dr. pepper and think it over. I'm sure it will come to you, and if it doesn't YDI because you don't have an imagination, and if you don't have an imagination than it must be hard to live all the way up on drury lane with the muffin man because you don't even know hes your next door neighbor!!! He's the muffin man for christ's sakes I bet if you were good friends with him and invited him over for guys poker nights he would hook you up with so many free muffins. I'll bet you right now he has a muffin in his oven that you have not even heard of, but even though you haven't heard of it it's the most delicious thing you would have ever eaten, it could be some crazy concoction but because you have no imagination you will never become friends with the muffin man even though you live right on drury lane. What a waste.

this one has REVENGE stamped all over it. remember, retaliations are escalated

Well... at least everyone else's lives are a little happier?

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So you hide everything you own from your parents just in case they decide to steal it?

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I almost think that you deserved it for believing that your parents left you a $500 tip. I would've automatically assumed it was a mistake. If they were going to give you that much money, why would they do it via a tip while you were waitressing?

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They could have just been trying to be nice. My dad has left me a high tip when I've caddied for him.

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Tell them to redo it on their credit card. and they can give you 500 back in Cassssh.

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YDI for having parents... jk jk But seriously that sucks.

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YDI you ran the card, it had your name on it.