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Today, I flew 1800 km with my two small children to a remote northern village for work. Our bags were lost, leaving us without winter gear and only one change of clothes. Just to make things extra fun, we now all have uncontrollable vomiting and diarrhea. FML
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The last part sounds like you drank contaminated water, to be frank. I don't know what you are working as, so I would hope you had some sort of training about how to decontaminate water- but the fact you caught something makes me doubt that you did.

But you have the greatest gift of all: internet.


Ahh sounds like a typical family vacation to me

And your job is to fetch expensive scotch for your rather large boss? Is that what's troubling you, binky?

But you have the greatest gift of all: internet.

The last part sounds like you drank contaminated water, to be frank. I don't know what you are working as, so I would hope you had some sort of training about how to decontaminate water- but the fact you caught something makes me doubt that you did.

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Just to keep the from happening to anyone that reads this, purifying water instructions: Make sure your containers are clean- and that the storage containers are air tight and as close to sterile as possible. If the water has visible particles, strain them out either by buying filter or making your own. Purification tablets are more expensive, but more convenient in regards to time and space. Instructions vary depending on brand and strength, so make sure to read them. Keep in mind that they purify by using chemicals to kill the bacteria, so it isn't an ideal long term solution. If you boil water to purify it, you'll want to start with a clean pot and cold water. Bring the water up to a hard boil or and keep it boiling for at least one minute at sea level, and at least three if you are over 2,000ft above sea level. Longer is technically better, as the hotter he water gets, the less likely it is that pathogens will survive in it-but since OP's already caught something, it'd best to play safe by using longer boiling times. If the storage container is made out of plastic, make sure the water is room temperature before moving it, or you'll wind up with trace amounts of plastic in the water, if the bottle doesn't straight out melt or warp. Keep the water covered with either a FITTING lid to the pot, or clean cloth held in place by a rubber band around the lip of the pot while the water cools.

Or they caught it from another passenger or contaminated surface on the plane. My husband brought home a norovirus that way, same symptoms and incubation period, and no contaminated water required. I got it too within 24 hours and I'd been home the whole time. You don't always have to do something dumb to get sick.

Even if they didn't get it from the water, it'd be better to take steps to decontaminate their water unless they know 100% for certain that it wasn't the cause. Especially since there are now two immunocompromised small children that are losing water.

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did you fill out a missing bags claim? this would help the airlines contact you if your bag shows up somewhere? hopefully you put some sort of identifying of ownership marker on the luggage? Also since you flew in 1800 km, there is a chance you used different airlines in the process. it would be the airlines of the last leg of your trip that is responsible for the luggage. this is important in case you want to pursue compensation of the list luggage. In the United States, at the bare minimum, you can get your baggage fees refunded or even if the baggage fees was delayed for over 12 hours or so. I am unsure of how all non-American airlines handle things. One American Airlines also gives refunds for toiletries purchased in case of delayed luggage. I'm unsure if you posted the FML soon after arriving or not so there is maybe a chance it has been found by now? If not, I'd recommend shopping obviously. After the vomiting subsides for you and your children of course! Also if the vomiting is truly uncontrollable, I'd call a doctor for some advice. or see if there is a doctor that does home visits. as you too are I'll and.thus probably cannot take your children to a pediatrician yourself. might want to go with a regular doctor though so you can get looked at too a pediatrician would probably see you or advise you along with your children in some cases, like this one. More than likely it is just a bad stomach virus you got from another plane passenger. Probably they /just/ got over it before flying so they were still contagious. Though I hope you sought help if it lasted more than 24 hours or so. I hope you are doing much better with more attire by now OP and good luck with this job opportunity. It sounds like it must be an interesting least unique one if you are required to go somewhere super remote. Or at least it is fun imagining what it might be lol

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say if OP agreed to fly such a distance away, they probably know how to handle it if something goes wrong. I'm sure they have already thought of everything you just mentioned.

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Did you by any chance sneeze at the mall recently?