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See... I hate the tipping culture. It's just an excuse for restaurants to pay their own staff shit money. In England you get minimum wage AT LEAST and the tips are extra. Paying the servers is the business' responsibility NOT the customer

You should have just said “about 15-20%” and walked away.


See... I hate the tipping culture. It's just an excuse for restaurants to pay their own staff shit money. In England you get minimum wage AT LEAST and the tips are extra. Paying the servers is the business' responsibility NOT the customer

Gofuckyourself 24

It's the same in Canada. Servers here make minimum wage plus tips!

Some business also add the tips in the bill sometimes

Yup. Same in France. I don't understand either why they don't include taxes in their price. You're supposed to see how much you're gonna actually pay, not resolve a math problem every time you buy something...

It’s stupid. Like here in California you make at least whatever your city’s min wage is. Somewhere between 12-15/hr in my area. Now in Georgia they only have to pay you 2.37 (it’s 2 something I can’t remember now ) per hour. And for those people I don’t care about tipping them. It’s the pizza boys and waitresses here that are making a normal amount who cry because I don’t want to give them my hard earned money because they did their job they already get paid for.

In Canada minimum wage for alcohol servers is less than general minimum wage with the expectation that tips make up the difference.

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And creates this false responsibility on you when they say i survive on tips. Well i survive on a budget and your tip wasn't mentioned anywhere. Worse now they feel entiltled to tips so you will get bad service if you return. And depending where you live, surviving on tips doesn't mean surviving at all. In my country a waiter will tell that to someone making usd800 a month with kids to feed while the waiter is usually young with no kids making usd800 as well but with tips thats easy 3000 a month (with less hours and usually a much better atmosphere). Don't get me wrong i tip a lot i just don't like feeling i'm responsible for your pay. thats between you and your boss.

I can't even understand how it can be that way. Customers are workers too and they don't get any tips, they're paid for their hard work so it's not their duty to pay for others basically doing their job as well. America is so f*cked up.

Yeah but we don’t do that in America. If you don’t give a tip you’re basically saying that you don’t think the server should be paid

I feel like tips should me built into the price of an item. For ex an item is $20 make it $21 or $22 for dine in. And the $1-2 is the tip.

funny that you think such a small amount is worth them running back and forth for your extra ranch you didn't ask for, or clean up the mess your child makes with the sugar packets and sweeping the floor behind you when you leave napkins and food on the floor. I will pay you 2 dollars to clean my dining room after I eat...

That was just my example. I rarely eat out.

holy cow not an insult what have you done with the real davidfong

If you don't think its enough why not talk to your boss? why accept the job? why is it my responsibility? do you think working in a supermarket pays enough or all the work they do? The rich have brainwashed the uneducated telling them to fetch for their own salary while the boss racks in the money off of their hard work....oh and be rude to a customer not only you not getting a tip but you will pay for his meall as well.....smh

You should have just said “about 15-20%” and walked away.

Get a real job. People aren’t your employers, they don’t need to pay your wages.

“Get a real job.” Without servers, we wouldn’t have a food industry.

then make sure you never go out to eat and cook your own food since the restuarant workers are not real workers. will help you from being a obese fat fucker then

Damn. I don't usually comment empathetically but that's aweful. I'm sorry

Mm, see, that is what a tip is, but... that's not the way to explain it, because your boss's failure to pay you for your work is between you, the boss, and the state. It's not the customer's problem. Next time, try "A tip is a monetary expression of appreciation for a server who did an exceptional job waiting on you. It can also be a way for guests to apologise to the server for boorish behavior exhibited by either themselves or by their dining companions."

The actual definition is To Insure Prompt Service. It should have nothing to do with wages, but sadly, that’s how it usually works.

Was he wearing a MAGA hat?

Probably not. MAGA hat wearers are so cheap, they’ll only go to places where the staff doesn’t speak English.

What difference would it make if he did? For someone commenting about FMLAssholes, the pot is calling the kettle black here. I may not be about MAGA, but attacking political opinions is just sad. But hey, welcome to the minority, FMLAsshole

Except I'm not attacking the poster, and, it was just a joke, frankly.

Mungolikecandy 19

How that reads is you are working for free dependent upon if people feel they want to give you a tip or not? Why would you work in a job which does not pay any basic money at all?

Because SOMEBODY has to do them.

Because America.

What other job can you get where is seemingly optional to pay the person doing the job? Hi Dave the plumber. I’ll pay you for the parts you used but surely you didn’t want paying to fit them. Sucker!

wrong...its hi dave whats wrong me paying your invoice is not good enough? you want an extra 20%? why did you bill me so low if you can't survive on it?