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  insomnimaniak  |  19

Yeah I too think she was just pullin your chain. Don't take it too seriously, the beast turns into a hot prince at the end! :)

On the upside, CONGRATS! My schools doing that next year and I reeeeeaaally want to get the part of Belle

  gc327072  |  29

^they usually don't have filters by that age.

Biologically, each person is born with a set number of fucks to give throughout life. By the time they're over 65, they've simply run out of fucks, and go through the "smartass geriatric" stage until they die.

The two great quests of science are to make "artificial fucks". (That, and cures for cancer).

That way, people can live longer, and be less bitter while alive.

  xyris_fml  |  28

As a theatre person I know that getting a lead is huge (no matter what they may look like) because it means you're talented enough to pull it off.
So don't sweat it OP! I've only ever had one lead (Hermione Granger in a Harry Potter musical) and even if you're the beast, it just means you're good enough to be a star.

By  NickaPLZ  |  26

As people always say, there's no pleasing grandparents. At least act your heart out onstage and make it the best Beast anyone's ever seen.

By  slacker_69  |  6

I feel ya my grandparents are exactly like that. I actually get a good laugh out of it you just have to learn how to live with it. and I'm pretty sure they were joking