By LexiJ1 - 02/06/2014 12:00 - Australia

Today, I searched up ways to fix my eyebrows since they were so bushy and thick. I took my tweezers and set to work. It went to shit. So now, I have one completely straight eyebrow that makes me look like Bert from Sesame Street and another that's arched like Nina Dobrev's. FML
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Oh no I love the comments. You. Guys are actually kinda making me feel a little better. And I love the creativity!! I'm sorry for ruining my eyebrows but I'm not a Prick tyvm. Btw, I have school tomorrow....I can just imagine the round nicknames I'll get......-_-'

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Scruggalicious 13

Maybe you should BROWS the internet looking for a solution:)

I bet you Google could help you with that question.


why would you need to look up ways to fix your eyebrows? oh and who the hell is Nina Dubrev?

I bet you Google could help you with that question.

Google may not be all that reliable. Case and point, OP's situation. (I'm guessing they googled a how-to.)

haha #11 looks like you need to tweeze too :P

Hahaha, I was wondering if someone would make the connection, #14. I sent this to my best friend in an attempt to cheer him up, along with many other goofy and much more embarrassing pictures. I try not to take myself so seriously.

I'm pretty sure that Google is more reliable than you give it credit for. Case IN point: I googled Nina Dobrev and I instantly knew everything I needed to know about her in a general, quick sense, and had multiple photgraphs of her appear in a convenient fashion. Also, to address your point: It wasn't so much the information provided by her source (you assume Google) that led her to her situation, but as she said, her execution of the protocol.

I wasn't trying to bash OP's execution or Google's information. It was a simple joke. As for the 'case in point' thing, it's more common to hear the phrase in verbal debate than it is to read it. That being said, I hear 'case and point' because it sounds just like 'case in point.' And I did use Google to find what was right, so thank you. I am glad to learn something new about common mistakes so that I don't make them in the future.

Google could work, but if I needed a step by step how-to guide, I'd go with YouTube. They have tons of videos that show you how to do it.

Rosebush10 8

This app has the most civilized internet arguments I have ever seen. It always amazes me when I see disputes actually get settled in a way that both sides learn from.

#72, this is why i think that we, as FML users, should be the ones in Government. People already say FML at the actions of Governments anyway, how bad could we be? At least we have civilised arguments.

Nina Dobrev* and she is on The Vampire Diaries and was on Degrassi. And she is also perfection.

91hayek 31

You don't know Nina? At least that's one less person to compete with; just another million others I have beat for her affection.

skyttlz 32

By the way OP worded this I thought Nina Dobrev would have weird archy eyebrows but I googled her and her brows are totally normal.

Rosebush10 8

#88, That would be something interesting to see. Haha!

Scruggalicious 13

Maybe you should BROWS the internet looking for a solution:)

OP tried that so she may not want to BUSH her luck.

Scruggalicious 13

You're right. EYE apologize for my misleading suggestion

Others probably don't HAIR that you've made a mistake.

Scruggalicious 13

Hey I don't appreciate you LASHing out at me

This may be harsh, but I don't give a PLUCK.

Scruggalicious 13

I think some PUPIL might be getting annoyed with us

The SHEAR mass of puns is too damn high.

izntdan 14

Guys let's just SHAVE the puns for later

Scruggalicious 13

Listen I HAIR what you're saying, I just don't agree with it

I can't believe I got TANGLED in a situation like this. I wish it would DYE down.

Learn to take a joke-- they're just tweezing you.

Bravo! What great puns! EYE BROW to you sirs!

Scruggalicious 13

Hey I'm gonna watch a horror movie with you then IMASCARA

OMG GUYS I GET IT!!!! I'M SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!

Scruggalicious 13

Hey OP we were not trying to disrespect or make fun of you. I'm sorry if it came across that way. We were just having some fun with clever word play! I do hope your situation works itself out though! Sorry again for the mixed message!

OP should just BRUSH off all of our puns.

Scruggalicious 13

I think OP is kind of a PRICK

Oh no I love the comments. You. Guys are actually kinda making me feel a little better. And I love the creativity!! I'm sorry for ruining my eyebrows but I'm not a Prick tyvm. Btw, I have school tomorrow....I can just imagine the round nicknames I'll get......-_-'

Scruggalicious 13

Oh c'mon OP it can't be that bad! If you have long hair you could wear it over so no one will see! The best thing to remember right now, is that it is never as bad as you make it seem! Don't worry it will be okay!:)

If this makes you feel any better, back in high school my best friend accidentally shaved off part of her eyebrow and filled the bald spot in with sharpie. I wasn't able to tell until she mentioned it because she was so paranoid. It probably not as bad as you think!

Have you ever cut your bangs short an straight across? I'm just assuming you have bangs, obviously, but maybe you can hide the eyebrows that way if it really makes you insecure. If not, rock it! Good luck at school.

emily4040 18

It won't be that bad. Last year after I got my eyebrows waxed and was told I have a unibrow right after.

Yeah I guess so. I still haven't done anything about them though. I could push my side fringe to the side with the Bert brow. (Lol) thanks guys. ;) It's not the worst thing that has happened to me TG

braidedsilver 8

what I do OP is use my finger to cover part of the brow to see if I like the shape it will take if I remove that part. Also pull down on the hairs to get at the ones on the edge vs the edges of the ones on the center. finally I take sharp nail scissors and trim.aybe that helps.

Well, you can still shave them off completely and draw them. Not sure which will look worse.

Demig0d6 14

You should think abrow what to do first before you do then

Pretty sure that if OP had a problem plucking them even, she would have a hard time drawing them in even. I wouldn't suggest shaving them off OP! Just wait until they grow back in, and next time spend the $15-$20 to have them professionally shaped. It's worth it!

Lebeaugars95 20

maybe she wants to look like Bert Dobrev

Did you know people do eyebrows, usually relatively cheap, in salons? I'd look into that.

after they grow back, OP should get them waxed or threaded, and then in the future, they will have the shape already there, and just need to pluck stray hairs.

jazzy_123 20

seriously! there are places as cheap as $8 to get them threaded. It'd only be up to the OP to pick a place she'd think will do a good job.

It's better to have someone else alter your eyebrows than to attempt it yourself. Best thing you can do is seek professional help. They may laugh if it is as bad as you say, but at least you'll be able to remedy the situation. Good luck!

Don't worry! You can fix this. First go to a salon where they can at least get it closer to looking the same. Then you can use an eyebrow pencil until it starts growing back!!!

I agree, definitely go to a professional to get help and they can get them looking as close as they possibly can. Than when they fill out more, go and get them shaped by a professional again and then you'll just have to do upkeep.

my eyebrows never grew back when I touched it up... but I never needed to so I guess that was the Universe's way of telling me: "Baby you were born this way! ...with perfect eyebrows."

meggieeeee92 27

Should have just gotten them threaded. Or waxed. It's pretty inexpensive and they know what they are doing.

Always get your eyebrows shaped by a professional if it is your first time. Believe me, I am a former forehead caterpillar owner.

hippo1234 19

See, I don't agree. I have a terrible unibrow if I don't pluck/wax, and I've never done anything as bad as OP. I did go through a bit of an over plucking stage in Middle School, but really, it's not that hard.

I have the same unibrow problem. I get them professionally done every six months and pluck them in between. No good at shaping them myself.

... a mirror would've probably helped a bit with directions. Anyway, i still can't see how that happened.

askullnamedbilly 33

It's ridiculously easy to overpluck if you have no idea what you're doing. Usually, people mess up when they can't seem to get both eyebrows to take on a similar shape, and pluck another hair here and one there and suddenly half their brows are gone. It's like the liquid eyeliner panda eyes in reverse, but you unfortunately can't just wipe it off when you get frustrated and give up.

hippo1234 19

That's where I disagree, 37. If they're really as different as OP is saying, they clearly didn't just over pluck. As someone with a HORRIBLE, dark, bushy unibrow (if left untamed) I don't think it's that easy to mess up. I used to do that fashionable over plucking thing, and sometimes mine are a little uneven, but I've never made a terrible, horrible mistake like OP and a lot of other commenters are saying they've done. It's really not that hard to pluck your eyebrows. Waxing, I could understand messing up a bit easier because it takes off so much at once, but plucking?

37 is completely right. It's very easy to do. Plus when you are plucking you are only staring at one eyebrow, and usually in a magnified mirror, so it's difficult to get them both looking the same and it's hard to measure unless you draw lines with a white eyeliner pencil before hand. And you would be surprised how much 1 or 2 hairs in a certain spot make the biggest difference! If you pluck those 1 or 2 it can change the whole shape.

On the bright side, you'll make some people smile when they see you.