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Today, I went on a blind date that my friend set up for me. It was going pretty good, then he said he was going to go out to smoke. 10 minutes went by and he still hadn't come back. I called my friend and she said he doesn't smoke. FML
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That's just so rude. Even if you weren't his type, he didn't even have the courtesy to at least continue on with the date.

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What a douche bag. Good riddance! You can do better than that asshole. Keep trying op!


Ew, smokers. I would have left the moment he claimed he was going to go smoke. But that sucks OP, I guess he just wanted to spare your feelings? Or he's a coward and runs from situations he gets nervous in.

That's true that is kinda mean for me to say. I have asthma though and things like cigarette smoke trigger me. That's why I can't stand smoke of any kind. Let alone date someone who does smoke.

I get sick almost imediatly at the smell of cigerettes.. If you don't like that someone is smoking around you ask them nicely to stop.. If you can't leave the situation and they won't stop.. Then and only then would I force it...

It's not judgmental to say that you don't want to surround yourself with dangerous cancer causing carcinogens. No matter how kind someone is, if they are exposing you to hazardous material, they are not worth it.

Regardless of whether it is harmful or not, it is their lifestyle choice. And by saying "ew" you're implying that you're better than them. You're not. No one is. Get off your high horse and let people make their own lifestyle choices. By bitching about your own disease and asthma you make yourself seem entitled. They buy their own damn cigarettes and pay the damn taxes on them. Rather take responsibility for your own disease and leave. I know this isn't politically correct, but why can't people have the freedom of choice, and why is someone else's happiness (the asthma person) valued over another. Because someone smokes, does it define them? Oh and cancer-causing carcinogens? That's a little repetitive isn't it? And no, I don't smoke and never will.

I understand the impulsion towards smokers. But, you can't judge them for an addiction they have little to none control over

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29, 19 had to be repetitive to show off her mad alliteration skills. It's a give and take.

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@GlitterValentina: No. You are incorrect. Saying "ew" implies that one thinks something is disgusting, not that one believes oneself is better than others. YOU get off your high horse. You're right -- smoking IS a lifestyle choice. An illness such as asthma is NOT. Also note that the young woman you attacked has every intention of following the SAME advice you gave her -- leaving a date upon finding out that an individual is a smoker (because second-hand smoke is a precipitating factor for her asthma). Don't be a moron.

hmmmm smoking hot girl who loves people who smoke is a grade A bitch.

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@GlitterValentina I couldn't say it any better! You da bomb!

29 - she wasn't 'bitching' about her disease, the only one bitching here is you. If you knew anything about having asthma you would know that being around smoke of any kind can cause uncomfortable (and potentially deadly) attacks, where the person's lungs close up. That's a perfectly legitimate reason to not want to be around someone who is smoking. If you're a smoker and you knowing smoke around someone who has asthma, you're an asshole. If you don't care about your own health that's fine, but don't put someone else's life at risk.

She yelled her disgust at me as I stubbed out my cigarette on the bin as she jumped her car. Her petrol engine roared into life and the stench of her exhaust swept over me.

19- a little off topic, but i was showing my girlfriend how to replace brakepads on her car (contains asbestos) after we finished respraying it. Does that mean im not worth it for exposing her to such materials? Lets try and be a bit more specific.

10, I'm severely allergic to all smoke, including camp fire smoke. But I don't drop a date just because the guy smokes. What if everything else about that person is amazing and makes you happy? I'm speaking from personal experience. People shouldn't be too quick to judge. To OP, at least you know you won't be dating a guy with no balls. He should have been upfront and said, "It's nice that our friend wanted us to meet but I only get a friend vibe for you. How about we finish our date and if we want to be friends, then we can be (or something along those lines)." 19, my boyfriend smoked only a few ciggs a day when we were first together. He quit because of our baby is about to be born. I've been with him over a year and not once as he ever smoked around me. You've implied that all smokers smoke around non-smokers. That isn't true. There are people who smoke and are considerate of others. While you don't have to agree with their choices, you shouldn't put smokers all in one category.

29 Wait what ? So I should just keep my mouth shut if I don't like what someone is doing ? We are only allowed to speak our mind if we agree ? Come on she has the right to say 'ew' about a smoker if she wants to, that's a point of view and we can agree or not and talk about it. Following your way of thinking you shouldn't even have posted a comment, as you were being as much as a 'judgmental bitch' she was.

However, people with asthma can still walk away. My cousin was like that. "OMG. You're (my mom) so horrible for smoking. I'm going to have an asthma attack." Yet my mom always goes outside to smoke. Walk away if it bothers you.

Man this comment thread is intense. My anxiety is over the top. I need a smoke. *lights up a cigar *blows smoke all over everybody *refuses to smoke elsewhere *gets down voted into oblivion Damn you tobacco products, you've ruined me again!!

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Little to none? Umm yah they have control. They chose to smoke and they can choose to quit. They have control.

#76 it takes a lot of willpower and its a hard process for most. Yes it's a decision to smoke, but now most people don't start smoking since they learned how bad it was for you and others

You need to chill the **** out. Everything you're saying is just bullshit, madam. We know this is a free country in American so it makes it free to tell the smoker to smoke at least 20 feet away if the person has asthma or some breathing problems. You are acting like a cold hearted bitch. Just cause the poster said "ew" doesn't mean they are higher then the smoker, they just don't appeal to the things they know are wrong we all have our opinions and we all agree smoking is bad.

I guess it's not going so good anymore

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At least you know that he's totally not worth it, especially if he had to lie to ditch you.

Thanks captain obvious, you must be an intelligent chicken in your coop with a comment like that.

He probably left because of her bad grammar. A date doesn't go GOOD, it goes WELL.

That's just so rude. Even if you weren't his type, he didn't even have the courtesy to at least continue on with the date.

Or at least he could have said that OP wasn't his type, then ended the date like a polite gentlemen. Instead he came off as a cockblasting douche nozzle. You deserve better OP.

I thumbed your comment up because you're cute.

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What a douche bag. Good riddance! You can do better than that asshole. Keep trying op!

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Don't let jerks like that get you down. Remember that sometimes pimpin ain't easy.

I guess it was not going as good as you thought.

Thanks for that intelligent comment you idiot head.

Thanks idiot head! The op has already had her bird cage rattled enough you friggin niconpoop!

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Smoke the tires on his car as he peeled away from that date.

How rude, I can't believe he didn't offer you one, what a douche