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Today, I texted a girl I met at the bar last night. She accused me of being "fake" because she couldn't find me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, then threatened to call the cops on me. FML
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NickaPLZ 26

I applaud you. I once deleted my own facebook and I haven't broke down and reactivated it yet. Again, props to you for sticking to your guns. As for the girl, there will be less crazy ones out there. Keep searching.

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TeamKelly 10

I think OP dodged a bullet there.

Misswildsides 22

What a stupid, silly girl. Just because someone doesn't have a Facebook and whatnot, doesn't mean they're fake. At least you know you can forget about her, OP.

NickaPLZ 26

I applaud you. I once deleted my own facebook and I haven't broke down and reactivated it yet. Again, props to you for sticking to your guns. As for the girl, there will be less crazy ones out there. Keep searching.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

There are so few people without a Facebook. It's nice to see I'm not the only person who uses the Internet and doesn't have one. Hell, even my parents have a Facebook account.

I have relatives and old friends who live quite far away (as in several hours drive away) and apart from occasional visits, phone calls and Facebook are the only means of communication I have with them. However, if I didn't have relatives who lived far away I probably wouldn't have a Facebook account either.

AnyaS 19

Same. I only got Facebook after I made friends while studying abroad in Japan. In order to keep contact with them (I don't like calling people) I use Facebook.

NickaPLZ 26

48 - That's the exact reason my girlfriend has one, so there I don't blame you.

I don't have a facebook, mostly out of stubbornness, but I enjoy making people talk to me through phones or in person

Yes, let us all brag about how we don't have Facebook accounts

Ok!! I don't either!along with instagram and twitter. It cuts out a lot of drama. And there's no need to check on other people's life that much, live your own instead.

I only have instagram coz i like it when people like my pics :D

Great input. Now do you think that is a valid reason?

Don't feel bad. I gave my facebook to my uncle for Cityville a week after I signed up (thought it was stupid and pointless), dont have any idea what Instagram is, and have a Twitter only to sign into iFunny. I find social networks to be a waste of time and a way to be nosey. It makes me sick how that shit has taken over. The ONLY thing I would like to be a part of is Tumblr because how funny, but I cant see the point if I can't find funny posts/threads. And the only thing I liked about MySpace was the surveys I did with others that I printed to make Scrapbooks etc ^_^

kyu_Q 19

Social media 1, common sense 0

I deactivated mine because I got bored with it. Good for you for not breaking down and starting it back up.

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Tell her you control the matrix, and therefore don't need an account.

On the other hand if this is how she verifies your identity this is probably how she could ruin your life.

Right, because everyone is required by law to have a social networking account. (I don't have and never want to have a twitter, Facebook, or instagram account.) Plus, what do you tell the cops? "I couldn't find them on Facebook, they must be using a false identity!"

She's insane. Be happy u didn't take her home, she would probably have claimed rape when she woke up.

Good job on giving the crazy girl at the bar a fake name! Now she can't stalk you, but you had all the fun from the night before.

I don't see how this is down voted; this is awesome!

sotheresthisgirl 8

OP didn't give her a fake name they just didn't have an account on any social media

OP you should be happy you found out she is stupid now then a couple months later

solosohigh 15

you talk about "fixing grammar" in your profile but then use "then" where you should've said "than." grammar nazi, I know...

They said if they have trouble reading the fml they fix the grammar in their head, not just one mistake in a comment.

Also, 27, if you're going to be picky about grammar you might want to capitalize the beginning of your sentences! :)

Whether or not periods go inside or outside the quotation marks depends on the country. They're both technically correct though.

I suppose you could be thankful for this, because if you had any of these accounts and you gave your info to her, she would probably try to ruin your shit. You dodged a Bullet Bill.

AllThingsBright_ 11

So she met you IN PERSON and couldn't find you on social networking sites and thought you were fake? Reverse catfish?

bamagrl410 31

That show has suddenly made everyone think they need to be suspicious of others and that they can be some sort of online detective in these sort of situations. It's getting a little ridiculous. I had someone act all suspicious of me for no reason and it was the most irritating thing in the world.

AllThingsBright_ 11

I met my girlfriend through an online dating site. Less than two weeks later we met and now a year later we are still happy together. Not everyone online is a lying asshole!

chlorinegreen 27

Same for me 2 years and still going strong. I can understand why people would get suspicious but only under reasonable circumstances.

He gave her a fake name, is a possible conclusion she came to after not being able to find him on any social networking sites. Still pretty dumb not to mention stalker-ish.

79 - OP didn't give her a fake name. He just doesn't have a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Is that really so hard to believe?