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Today, I went to school without any makeup on. The guys who usually compliment me for being pretty are now calling me "The Greatest Illusion Ever". FML
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inkdeath87 18

And this is why makeup was invented.

This is why I find make up so deceiving. It's so powerful that drag queens get mistaken for actual women.


inkdeath87 18

And this is why makeup was invented.

Personally I'm still surprised that there are people out there that can't handle seeing a woman without makeup.

Yes for girls. What about guys? If you're a guy and not exactly great looking your screwed. It's not fair!

Most makeup works just as well for guys, 34. You just need to remember that the goal is for it to look natural, as if you hadn't put on any make-up at all.

39- Find me a guy that is willing to put anything on his face that is classified as makeup.

#44: Actors, news casters, models, etc... Basically any man can if he wants. It's not taboo.

45- Good point, but are those people going to put makeup on when not on the job?

xXxGraveStonexXx 20

I have tons if friends that wear guy-liner x33

many male models do often apply foundation and such when not on the job as I am sure many actors do as well. I know a few makes that wear foundation and concealer to hide acne scars, or uneven skin tone. If done correctly you'll never even notice it's there.

I would gladly use makeup if I knew how to apply it, but the last time girls did makeup on me, I more or less looked like a cheap prostitute

45: And that's why actors aren't real men

The only makeup I do is makeup tests. Leave the other makeup to people who want to look fake, like Queen Elizabeth 1st

knight0748 5

Actors aren't real men? Say that to Ronald Reagan. I guess commander in chief of the army, navy and the air force isn't very manly...

44, I've met and know lots of guys who wear makeup when their going out, and actors aren't real men? Would you be willing to say that to The Rock (has done enough movies to be considered an actor) Christian Bale, George Clooney, Richard Armitage, etc?

#29 I don't wear make up. All I do is curl my eyelashes and keep my face clean and wear Chapstick and usually people can't even tell that I don't wear it. Guys usually freak out when I tell them I don't and talk about how awesome it is that I go without. So it does still happen, just not very often. When girls wear so much on a daily basis, then they look weird without it and they never look dressed up for big things like school dances and such.

#69 - I wasn't aware the President of the United States was a position that needed to be "manly." I guess Hilary Clinton should just throw in her 2016 towel now.

Rainhawk94 27

See guys are surprised when a girl is naturally beautiful

39, I agree, and last time I put on make-up I came out looking like Ronald McDonald... Best Halloween ever.

#76, I barely wear makeup as well. I just wear a bit of eyeliner and chapstick except for special occasions. But you can't blame others for wearing more makeup on a daily basis. Not everyone is blessed with great skin, consider yourself lucky!

This is exactly my point. I'm a guy and I have bad acne. Do you think I'm going to apply makeup to my face, no. Us guys are the unlucky ones lol.

You can completely change the way you look with makeup, but the point of makeup is to highlight the good features you already have and downplay the flaws. If you look like a different person without your day time makeup on then you are doing something wrong. To the men, there are brands of makeup specifically marketed to dudes. However, don't underestimate the ladies it's not always about looks.

hannahsnyder69 16

Hey, I've put it on guys to cover up things like hickeys

hannahsnyder69 16

I mean look at gene Simmons, guy with makeup

116, not every girl has great skin but piling on make up can clog pores and make it worse! I had a friend who used to put loads of concealer on her zits and they would take forever to go away, so make up can definitely be counter productive with the clear skin thing. Not always, but it can be. I am happy that I have mostly clear skin though!

They just aren't used to it but that is rude

Agreed. The worst I've had is people asking me constantly when I don't have makeup "are you sick?" No.... I just didn't wake up early enough to look normal..

No kidding. I would retaliate with "and you guys are the League of Two-Faced Gentlemen".

CrazyGirlfriend 21

tbh, some girls wear so much make up that they do look sick without it. no need to be rude. in my opinion, make up can be used for good but if you wear it constantly than it will have a harmful aftermath on your natural beauty if you dont take care of your skin.

Bigfabthetruth52 22

This is why I find make up so deceiving. It's so powerful that drag queens get mistaken for actual women.

Really? I find the adams apple a dead give away.

Some natural-born women have a throat projection, some natural-born men have no visible throat projection. It isn't as much a dead giveaway as we'd love to think.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Damn it, 18. If you would have said that just a few months ago, I might not have had such a.. A surprise...

graceinsheepwear 33

Sounds like 3 is the one with a story...

You try noticing an Adam's apple at midnight when you're drunk!

mangoboy1 19

Idk whether this is true or not but I've heard it said before that most women are actually ugly and it's all just makeup.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

A lot of women are downright beautiful, but cover it up with make up. Sure, some may benefit from using it, while others cover up an already pretty face with layers of hideous make up.

If y'all had girl vision you'd easily see the difference between pretty girl and pretty makeup.

You know, it's called "make up" for a reason. You make up your look.

Well, it's actually called make up because when it become widely popular in Europe, to "make up" your face didn't mean to completely change or pretend, but to enhance.

well there's a reason they say makeup works like magic

The girl I'm with still looks as gorgeous without makeup. Some girls don't need it but put it on anyway.

hockeygoalie13 15

I never wear makeup because I think it's a waste of time. People who judge you for how you look rather than who you are as a person aren't worth being friends with. It's 100% possible to look presentable without makeup.

gingerrrr88 11

111, I honestly only wear make up because I think it's so much fun to put on haha I feel just as confident without it as I do with it

skyttlz 32

I don't think I need makeup but its fun putting it on. I'm a bit more confident with it.

I have to have hair and make up done for my job, but the only part I miss when going without is the mascara - I have tiny wee pin eyes :(

sammyjanette 17

Well now you know who to avoid. You don't want someone that rude, or someone who is only going to be interested in your looks.

I don't think they're only interested in her looks, they're just surprised how much different she looks without makeup.

Yeah that's true, they shouldn't have said such rude things. But I also don't think you should wear so much makeup that you look so different without it. That's just my opinion though, everyone is entitled to their own.

A little makeup goes a long way. I used to only wear some concealer and powder, but when I went without people would notice and say things like "you look tired".

cryssycakesx3 22

clearly he's not interested in her looks, apparently she has none!

CrazyGirlfriend 21

73...the whole point of make up is to highlight your natural beauty and downplay your flaws... it is thinking like yours that make girls look sick without make up

I mean she is basically lying to them all about how she looks...

Even though it is rude of them to say that, sometimes less is more j/s.

Agreed, when you wear makeup everyday it becomes the norm, when you don't wear it people see your..... Flaws...gasp!

Sounds like you weat a LOT of make up. Don't let these guys.bring you down though, guys that age can be mean..

"If you can't handle me at my worst, you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best." -Marilyn Monroe

euphoricness 28

"Millions if girls float on their one quote" - Marina and the Diamonds. Girls shouldn't use that quote anyways because Marilyn died an undignified death.

"I slept with so many men lol" - Marilyn Monroe

"Don't believe everything just because they're in quotations" - Abraham Lincoln

Ins0mau 20

Imagine the negative reaction if a GUY said that.

HeyHeyFishFillet 34

"Use the force, Harry." - Gandalf

What #8 quoted is true though, regardless of who said it.

Anonyma518 5

nope, this quite is pretty much bs, basically tl;dr for it is: I'm a bitch.

Why do people worship her? She was a total ****.

Marilyn Monroe was a girl who was marketed and portrayed as a sex icon. She was not a ****. And even if she did have lots of sex, who the **** cares? Why is it still so taboo for people to have active sex lives? Marilyn Monroe was a girl who was sexually assaulted by the man she was in love with, and was made to look like a sex object by the media. How she died and whether she had more sex than the average girl likes to reveal should have no impact on whether what she said is repeated by insecure girls everywhere. Even if she didn't say that particular quote.

uh oh people didnt know that her whole persona was made by marketing? oops, shouldve kept my mouth shut, its easier for them to swallow this way.

Wow. You must usually wear an awful lot of makeup in order to prompt such remarks...

not necessarily, it isn't about how much makeup you apply, but more the way you use it.

Am I the only one who thinks makeup is overrated?

No, but your probably one of the few who doesn't like it...but I'm with you...

I only wear eyeliner and lip balm, nothing else and without that, I look different (sick- like, I've been told). Not everyone plasters make up on.

I'd rather see a girl not wearing any makeup at all, or just wearing a little bit. Even if she's less attractive, at least it's who she really is, what she really looks like. And if guys can still have an attractive face without makeup, then so can girls.

No you are not. I think that people who wear a lot of make up are a result of what society makes of us, shallow

showmeyourears 19

The only upside to wearing makeup for me is that it makes me look more Mexican. Otherwise, I feel it's just time consuming and really doesn't make me look prettier. I only put it on for special occasions.

I only wear eye makeup. It makes my eyes look greener and brighter. Other than that I don't even bother.

perdix 29

#11, no, but your probably in the minority. Almost all women look somewhat better with well-done makeup. Some can put in on so thick, they look clownish, but barring that, it's an advantage that women have.

owlishes 24

No, I don't wear makeup every day, I think it ruins your skin if you wear it all the time.

It's crazy how much make up girls in my school wear. I chose not to wear a lot, just a concealer and foundation. My boyfriend prefers it that way. I feel like a lot of make up should be used for special occasions, so what happened to OP doesn't happen often. Just my two cents though

I don't necessarily think that it's overrated, but I do think that quite a few girls use waaay too much of it. People aren't supposed to be able to tell when you're wearing makeup. I usually just use eyeliner, mascara, and lipgloss unless I have something special going on. I personally don't see the need to wake up 30 minutes earlier just so I can get my makeup done, and I doubt I ever will.

I've never been a make-up wearer. I like sleeping too much. I wore some to prom, homecoming, the occasional eyeliner & mascara for photos so my eyes show up, and my wedding. I avoid the sun & wash my face regularly so, even in my thirties, I don't need concealer or foundation.

If a girl feels more confident, who the hell are you telling them they are "fake" just because it boosts self-esteem. Boys like to flatter themselves and think girls do it for them... Lol no.

@95, but there's a point where it's just too much. You shouldn't look like a completely different person without makeup. Makeup is meant to enhance what you have. People shouldn't be staring at you in shock over how different you look sans artificial beauty. Some girls use makeup as a crutch, and they really shouldn't. We need to be able to feel confident without make too.

I think that makeup has been used to the point that I seems necessary or your "not pretty" with isn't true and that is what is sad. makeup should be used to compliment ones face and be used for times like special occasions. on a regular occurrence I suppose a small amount is okay just have to keep in mind that even without that makeup doesn't make a girl any less pretty...

for people to suggest different amounts or types of makeup in order to make guys like you better is ridiculous. i dont give a **** if it brings all the boys to the yard, thats not my goal and the purple eyeliner stays.

Am I the only one here that actually thinks that girls generally look more attractive with only a little make-up or barely any at all? I know some girls that can look attractive with make-up, but not necessarily any more attractive than they are normally; they just look different. Conversely, there are some girls that simply wear too much, but by that I don't mean they look completely different, I mean they look like clowns. I don't mean to sound offensive in any way :/ , but I find it sad when I notice a girl that has a reputation around school for being attractive, and somehow presumably out of a self-conscious desire to maintain that reputation, they begin putting on ridiculous amounts of make-up, to the point where it's not even attractive anymore. Anyways, I'm just surprised that I'm not finding any comments that agree with my feeling that girls look prettier when they look natural; whether that means applying only a little make-up and avoiding stuff like eyeliner, or just not putting any make-up at all.