By um... what the fuck, miss? - 02/08/2013 20:23 - United Kingdom

Today, I was buying ingredients for a salad. I had only picked up a few cucumbers, when an elderly lady came up to me and murmured, "Make sure you use lots of lube, or that'll hurt. Been there, sweetheart." What the HELL? FML
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JoeGrant 12

Well clearly she's no stranger to home made pickles...


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You can't tell me you looked at your post and the FML and were like "Yes! This is ready! No one thought of this!"...

Thank you, #1. I wouldn't have understood the FML if you hadn't explained this fact to me.

I sure didn't understand this FML until you commented! Thank you for telling me!

....with cucumbers. I think #1 forgot to say that...

Op asked, "What the hell?" Clearly, she did not get it.

sematariux 7

Why does it matter how epic the "first" comment is? some of you have no lives on here.

I'm pretty sure people with actual lives no longer use the word epic.

I don't think people in general should judge whether you have a life or not, literally or figuratively.

Thank you, 87. I completely agree. People need to learn to mind their own business. I hate when people comment unnecessarily mean comments just to make themselves seem superior.Leave the guy alone, at least he pointed it out for those who were tired and didn't get it right off....jeeze.

PterodactylMan 23

Old ladies these days... First they divorce their husbands and now they give nice tips for cucumbers!

yeah wtf old ladies how dare you end an unhappy marriage and be honest about your sexual life wth

hooligyn123 18

#27 was referencing a recent FML where the grandmother threw a party over divorcing her husband... (While there may have been grounds for it obviously the family member didn't enjoy that fact)

Oh... Well... At least you got some good advice? Haha

And she was also looking out for her well-being! She cares about OP and doesnt want it to hurt. She was a sweet granny.

JoeGrant 12

Well clearly she's no stranger to home made pickles...

Nooo, I'll never look at pickles the same way again :(

JoeGrant 12

Sorry 12, I couldn't help myself!

Obey_StudBoii 23
Gaernem 17

#68 If it gave you a brain fart due to you not understanding how it may make a pickle, it is because pickles are cucumbers. Not sure if that is what you meant though. ):

thats some kinda advice she gave you OP!

Well what good is a salad without any lube?

Truths 8

Out of everything you could of said.. You comment that. Ugh ;( FML comments are suppose to be awesome not stupid. You fail.

You're hardly in a position to be calling other people out for dumb comments. I mean, "could of"? "Suppose to"? Honestly. Retake elementary school.

sematariux 7

#39, with the amount of thumbs down you got, I'd say YOU fail... Hard.

BillyJones 4

is that how pickles are made?

Troll grandma making her rounds again