By lights on forever - / Friday 2 August 2013 20:57 / Turkey - Istanbul
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  Metallica36176  |  16

As much as I respect that it WAS a typo, it still bothers me that you used a question mark.
Mixing "it" and "is", yes.
But "it", "is", and using a question mark?
Also, the fact that it took you 15 minutes to realize the typo.
Once again I respect it, but it was also long enough to become buried.

  smc3106  |  25

Well, "pulling a Zimmerman" would be defending yourself from an idiot that's, viciously, attacking you . So, no, it wouldn't be, "pulling a Zimmerman".

  Metallica36176  |  16

#80 - Not with me. That and this one will be my only comments on this thread. I don't see the sense in starting crap over the comments section. So, no worries with me. ^_^ (Oh and I like your picture)

  hokie16  |  13

Even if it's not unisex, a lot of little boys go into the women's bathroom with their mothers just because it's safer. I never let my four year old brother go into a multi-stall bathroom without someone he knows. So if there's no guys with me, you can bet he's going in the women's bathroom with me.

  Metallica36176  |  16

Exactly what I was thinking.
Its a CHILD.
Even if it was a "ghost" its a ghost child.
Why the hell would you be afraid of a kid saying that it was time to die?
I mean, yeah, serial killer kids, kids with guns, etc, but really?

  daringtoride  |  27

73, I don't know about you but I used to watch Supernatural (haven't watched the later seasons after 4 :( I don't really like it after that), but the ghost and demon kids in that show are just as bad as the adults - if not worse/creepier! The ghost kids on there are horrible.

  Metallica36176  |  16

#77 - Ok....if I was in a rest room, with the demon/ghost child...I would totally scream to get Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki in there and THEN kick the kid in the throat and.DARE him to start shit while those 2 were there. :3