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Hey anyone else would have freaked out, don't feel bad.

that's when you punch him in the face and say it was a life or death situation.


Hopefully you gave the kid a stern talking to!

#21: I always go to BelfastNuts for my reprimands. He's very good.

Being a gullible dummy must get rough as well.

I don't know that a kid would take you seriously, after you ran away from them screaming

I'm just glad there is no leech attached to your eyeball pic.

Why is it kids always do like the creepiest shit like that. Holy crap they are evil!

I wouldn't say OP is that gullible. That shit would scare anyone. That has horror movie written all over it

Hahaha actually that's pretty funny

I hope OP had been taken in a video while this happened. That must be a epic!!!

It's not all kids, just some of them.

Hey anyone else would have freaked out, don't feel bad.

It's a good thing she already went to the bathroom or she would've shit bricks

No you wouldn't

#39 lets be honest you would have ran.

I think I'd panic and knock the kid out on instinct... ...and then I'd panic some more after realizing I just knocked a kid out.

I think the scary elevator prank when I read this FML. For those who have not seen it go to YouTube and laugh

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That kid was a genius!

I thought he seemed quite delightful

It's a joke the whole purpose of what the kid did was to have a good laugh just chill out

#56, I knew it was a joke but that was still kinda mean; even tho it was kinda funny.

88: is it kinda mean or kinda funny make up your mind

that's when you punch him in the face and say it was a life or death situation.

Pull a Zimmerman!?

Excuse the typo. I meant to say " is."

As much as I respect that it WAS a typo, it still bothers me that you used a question mark. Mixing "it" and "is", yes. But "it", "is", and using a question mark? Also, the fact that it took you 15 minutes to realize the typo. Once again I respect it, but it was also long enough to become buried.

Well, "pulling a Zimmerman" would be defending yourself from an idiot that's, viciously, attacking you . So, no, it wouldn't be, "pulling a Zimmerman".

This is going to get ugly pretty quickly...

#80 - Not with me. That and this one will be my only comments on this thread. I don't see the sense in starting crap over the comments section. So, no worries with me. ^_^ (Oh and I like your picture)

You're right #90. Honestly I was just trying to save face and I now expect to see the hate rolling in. And it hasn't been buried quiet yet.

And #79 were you there? We don't know what really happened? It was probably along those lines but who knows.

I'd imagine it's quite illegal for a dude to be skulking about in a ladies restroom. Report the creeper

Unless it was a unisex bathroom..

Well, then in that case I plead "didn't know they had those lol" on account of "they don't have those here"

Even if it's not unisex, a lot of little boys go into the women's bathroom with their mothers just because it's safer. I never let my four year old brother go into a multi-stall bathroom without someone he knows. So if there's no guys with me, you can bet he's going in the women's bathroom with me.

Should have punched the rascal in the throat.

Exactly what I was thinking. Its a CHILD. Even if it was a "ghost" its a ghost child. Why the hell would you be afraid of a kid saying that it was time to die? I mean, yeah, serial killer kids, kids with guns, etc, but really?

73, I don't know about you but I used to watch Supernatural (haven't watched the later seasons after 4 :( I don't really like it after that), but the ghost and demon kids in that show are just as bad as the adults - if not worse/creepier! The ghost kids on there are horrible.

#77 - Ok....if I was in a rest room, with the demon/ghost child...I would totally scream to get Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki in there and THEN kick the kid in the throat and.DARE him to start shit while those 2 were there. :3

83, holy shit just stop.

Ooo I'm going to try that, Bloody Mary style

Children are basically demons.

And a ghost it was

No. It was a kid.

Sarcasm, do you speak it?


Until he tells that to someone who reacts to death threats by pulling out a knife and swinging...