By fuck but no fuck - South Africa - Pretoria
  Today, I finally felt ready to make love to my boyfriend for the first time. It all went great, until I tried putting the condom on him. In the process, I managed to nick his penis not once, but three times with my nails. His eyes brimmed with tears and he completely lost his erection. FML
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  dancinwookie  |  21

That's why you use only your lips at first to roll it down. Then roll it down the rest of the way with your hand, if you can't figure it out. I don't keep long nails for this exact reason. I dunno how you could mangle a penis like that though just putting on a condom.

  yellowaholic  |  25

One time I tried to put the condom on with my mouth and it grossed my boyfriend out, because apparently "touching a condom with your mouth is disgusting".

  Metallica36176  |  16

That's exactly what I thought.
Id rather just arouse a guy and then kiss/dance or something while HE puts it on. I know how, but guys are better at it. least it would be an easy fix for OP.
Just because a guy loses an erection doesn't mean he can't get it back. Cut your damn nails and file them to where they aren't sharp, lick/rub the wounds to make sure theyre ok, hand him the condom, and keep yourself busy while he puts on. Don't give up OP!