By youshitme - 25/11/2009 14:45 - Australia
  Today, I was at work, working on a new play. In the final dress rehearsal, I heard some of the crew laughing so I looked down at the very revealing costume to see that my left testicle was hanging out. FML
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Yeah, i was in mcdonalds with some friends and i saw an old man who was wearing a short and his legs were open and we saw both of his balls ! that was funny but still FML

By  flyintonite  |  0

Hmm when I thought of this it raises an interesting point... it's usually the left nut never the right one that's the focus. Seriously in rap it's left nut this, left nut that. And his left testicle fell out? Sheesh... to all the underappreciated right nuts know you're important too.