By dylanhollis - 17/01/2014 12:49 - United States - San Antonio

Today, I signed up for a dating site and used a photo of my mother and me at a wedding. Everyone stops responding when they find out they're talking to me and not her. FML
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Might be me, but isn't it a bit odd to use a picture of both of you for a dating site?


simplysarcastics 26

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simplysarcastics 26

Yeah i see that now, ;) But I would think on a dating site you would use just a photo of you so there is no confusion.

i agree with #15, it was always so frustrating staring at like 15 different group photos and trying to find the common person. yes it is important to get to know the person, but it's also nice to know who you're talking to.

I'm sorry, OP. Maybe they just like older woman?

MichellinMan 20

They're going after the cougars.

simplysarcastics 26

yeah i was thinking that they could just be attracted to older women

challan 19

Cougars or saber tooth tigers, depending on Op's moms age. Her mom is a major Milf obviously! Go momma!

Or it could be that they are looking for a woman their own age, and when they found out they are actually talking to a much younger woman, they think they are too old for her.

Oh wait! OP's name is Dylan. It all makes sense now!

I did not know that. Learn something new everyday!

Pstraka6 20

Well my advice would be instead of having multiple people in your photos just use one of yourself and add those later! Don't grt beat up over some like that!

I think she is already aware of the fact that her mother is more attractive than her, probably that's why she used that pic in the first place so that more people would add her on the dating site... why else would anyone put up a pic with their mother on a dating site... ??

Might be me, but isn't it a bit odd to use a picture of both of you for a dating site?

Just upload a pic of yourself. No confusion, and it would guarantee they're talking to YOU.

Crop her out so you can talk to people who genuinely want to meet YOU! And just think, if she's that much of a milf, you'll be hot when you're old too! :D

perdix 29

Don't pose with a MILF! Um, can I see this pic? Email to [email protected] TYIA ;)

simplysarcastics 26

Thanks for the life lesson perdix!

challan 19

Don't do it Op! Perdix once saw my mom, and now wants me to call him Daddy.

perdix 29

#21, if you're uncomfortable with "Daddy," you can always call me "King Kong" ;) Your choice!

Ins0mau 20

21 - Perdix wanted ME to call him "daddy" last night as well. But he's never met my mother... :-/

Perdix, I thought what we had was special.. *chokes back tears*

perdix 29

#38, it is! You're supposed to call me Godzilla, remember?

Remove that picture and post one of just yourself, there will be no confusion then and people will know who they are talking to.