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Today, I was back home from work drinking coffee when I heard someone open the door with a key. It was my boyfriend, who obviously didn't expect to see me home. We don't live together, and I never gave him a key. FML
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Confiscate his key and keep an eye on yours. That's creepy.


In that talk OP should ask how he got a key to copy In the first place

buttcramp 21

for sure. boundaries are important in any relationship!

Serious Talk? How about, hand me that key and we are over. There can be no valid reason for him to have that. Also you might want to check for cameras, get the locks changed, and totally take an inventory of all the items in your house ( that means your unmentionables also). Freaking creep gives guys a bad name.

RedPillSucks 31

naw. Don't even bother asking for the key cause you don't know how many copies were made. Change ALL your locks.

#67 and people like you are why I'm saying ******* it and deleting this app

buttcramp 21

good advice, y'all. the boyfriend could be a creep, really controlling, or just ignorant of how a proper relationship is supposed to go.. I would for sure change locks and look for cameras like he said above, cause sometimes ya just don't know people..

WD_Stevens 22

Now let's not all jump to conclusions. We don't know the whole story yet. And as a famous doctor once said: "To speculate without all the facts is a waste of valuable time."

At least he didn't bring another girl with him...

Bye Aaron you will not be f$&*king missed.

buttcramp 21

87, while reading the FML, i totally thought that would be the ending.

86 we kinda have to do that for most FML's as not all details are put in, and if there even is a follow up it usually takes awhile

casual_commenter 9

#86 Isn't the fun part of FML speculating and drawing conclusions without all of the facts being present?

thats not awkward, thats weird and creepy

Someone having a key you didn't give already means theft who knows what he would have done she wasn't there. I would have a serious talk.

Confiscate his key and keep an eye on yours. That's creepy.

And she should probably get her locks changed, copies are pretty easy to get

Run, just run... Maybe my judgment is a little paranoid from too many crime shows but I would sleep at someone's else's house until this issue is fixed.

kristabelli 19

I'd love to see OP do a follow-up comment to tell us what happened. It's possible the boyfriend was trying to do some kind of surprise for her.

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Avenueoftrees 15

It's not something you tend to forget.

That is creepily concerning. Sit down and talk with this guy.

Maybe you gave him the keys while doing Vodka shoots?

reggie_k_dwight 16

Might be time for a new boyfriend OP

Oh look it's this comment. Never seen this suggested before.

In this case, I think dumping the guy is very appropriate. This guy is definitely obsessive and doesn't understand boundaries. And on top of that, he's sneaky. How the hell did he get a key to OP's home without her knowing??? Sounds to me like OP could be in physical danger with this guy, but in any case, who would want to date someone like that?

In this case, I agree. He got a key to her home without her knowledge or consent and sneaks into her house when he thinks she isn't there. That's just wrong. Dump this guy and get some new locks while you're at it.

Change the locks. Add several more locks. Never lock all of them, so than anyone trying to pick your locks will always be locking at least one of the locks.

Though I like the thought of this, you turn the tumbler one way to lock and another to unlock, so I'm not sure how well it'd work.

I'm not sure how it happened, but at my Yiayia's house, the dead bolt key has to be turned in the opposite direction than the normal lock on the doorknob. Maybe they could figure out a way to alternate the locks into a pattern, like left right, left right :P

jisaac09 25

@10, there is nothing clever about this myth. I only have a limited experience picking locks, but I always could feel whether I was locking or unlocking a dead bolt. Also, after you have all the tumblers picked, you can slam the bolt and hear which way it hit a hard stop. If it is coming in or if it is going out is easy to distinguish. Lastly, buy pick resistant locks. It is much cheaper and more secure than buying multiple locks and keeping part of them locked. I know you used it as a joke, but this has been circulating the web as helpful advice.

ExiledRemixx 13

Not the brightest lol. You try to lock pick you'll know it's already unlocked.

RedPillSucks 31

This is a common joke in some old sit-coms. It don't think it was ever meant to match with reality.