By Anonymous - 21/02/2014 16:32 - United States - Carbondale

Today, I ran into my favorite teacher from high school, the one that really inspired me to become one myself. I told her that I'm in my last year of college preparing to become a teacher, to which she replied, "Wow, they really are letting anyone have a crack at being a teacher these days." FML
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chelsearenaeee 16

Maybe she should be more grateful that people want to become teachers and help our children instead of being a Bitch about it.


friedpwnadge 25

Well, now you know what not to do as a teacher, which is demoralizing your students like she just did to you.

Perhaps you could make your own comment thread, instead of hijacking others in order to get views.

friedpwnadge 25

Isn't that why you post comments? So other people can see them?

Commenting on a comment about hijacking someone else's comment thread. Yep. We see it enough. They know what they're doing, no need to call attention to it. Lol.

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that really sucks, here in Ontario it's almost impossible to get in the system to become a teacher

zidiko 10

Thank you for the information very relevant to OP's FML. I also understand that this is not relevant to the FML

I somehow doubt that it's "almost impossible" to become a teacher there.

HJKM_fml 19

If a lot are going to university to become a teacher, then there may not be enough available jobs to match the number of graduates. This is quite common in some areas.

Canadian teachers actually get paid so much better than their American counterparts. That might contribute to it being difficult to become a teacher in Ontario.

yeah but there are like a shit ton of teaching majors in the usa.

Yeah, when I was getting my degree we had someone come in every semester to discuss the UTeach program, which basically allowed you to get teaching credentials as you pursued your major.

It sounds like she's become bitter in recent years

Yeah seems like she's burnt out. I'll give a clap for teachers, I couldn't deal with kids all day.

chelsearenaeee 16

Maybe she should be more grateful that people want to become teachers and help our children instead of being a Bitch about it.

zidiko 10

Especially with the very high teacher to student ratio in schools nowadays. It will do more help than hurt. (Sorry for my English)

Doesn't mean you were her favorite...

Keep your head up, OP. It takes a kind heart to want to become a teacher. Even if your old teacher may be bitter, you're doing the right thing. Good job.

buttcramp 21

totally agree. the teacher should have given friendly advice instead of being rude. everyone is entitled to have an opinion but its how you go about expressing it that makes it "right" or "wrong" and this teacher was in the wrong. it's a shame, and I'm sorry this happened to you, OP.

etoilenuit 15

She was your inspiration not your reason. Keep up the good work!

She showed you to be yourself, or an a**

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If she's a teacher and saying that. They really are letting anyone teach these days.

Just think-- in a few years you can be bitter and resentful and smash a former students' dreams too!