By Stupidteach - 11/11/2009 12:47 - United States

Today, I asked my father for some help paying my college tuition. He told me he'd help me after I become more accredited than he is. My father has 2 PHDs. I'm studying to be an elementary school teacher. FML
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"when you get a full time job paying 50,000 a year then yes I will" "... But dad I want a lollipop!" This works in basicly the same way as said fml. Kinda harsh.


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Sometime it just happens. But when it does, you shouldn't anounce it, we CAN read, we just don't care :)

#1. I present you with this prestigious award.

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yea no1 cares #1 and OP ure dads an ahole

I lost some brain cels just reading that.

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I lost some brain cells reading that too!

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it's the parents decision. if he doesn't like her getting a low degree, he doesn't have to help.

2 PHDs means he's a professional student. It doesn't pay well enough for him to help. He's a book-smart douche that isn't smart enough to help out his daughter. Just remember this when it's time to pick out his nursing home.

he could be a famous professor and make a real good salary...

perdix 29

He's not a professor at all. If he were, then his daughter could go to his university tuition-free. It's common practice. Also, a PhD doesn't guarantee you a high salary. It means you are qualified to work at the elite levels of an academic subject, but a lot of them are quite modestly-paying fields. To the OP: "No" would have sufficed. Your dad is a pretentious pedant. Was one of his degrees in Douchebaggery?

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My dad's a professor at my university and I don't get free tuition

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Is he on the tenure-track or is he just an Instructor or Adjunct Faculty? Maybe you are going to a state school that revoked that benefit, or maybe you are going to a shitty school ;) It's pretty standard that the children of faculty can go to that school tuiton-free.

That's f-ed up. That is legit the first school I've seen that doesn't offer that. My dad was a co-teacher with only a Bachelor's degree and even I was offered free tuition to his school that he co-taught it. It was Columbia.

Or maybe her dad is a professor and OP doesn't want to go to said school. But hey, that's to logical for you to guess, isn't it?

Going to where? Oh, my bad you meant 'also'. That durn logic got me confused. And the OP would be dumb not to go to school for free if offered. A four year anyway.

Both my parents teach at the same institution and I still don't get free tuition.

Ah, damn. That's the first time I haven't caught that mistake :'( And not necessarily, perhaps, if OP's father does work at a university, they don't have the same quality of program for her respective major that the university she attends does.

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There's a limit on how many of your kids get a free ride, depending on the school. Some offer reduced tuition for others who may want to attend. Maybe the OP has older siblings who have already used the free tuition.

"when you get a full time job paying 50,000 a year then yes I will" "... But dad I want a lollipop!" This works in basicly the same way as said fml. Kinda harsh.

Little bit of a jump there, especially since teachers do not get paid 50,000 anyway.

That is so wrong! Parents should help their kids, it's their responsibilities! You're even smarter than him. Good luck!

It is most definitely NOT the responsibility of the parent to pay for school. My family is incredibly tight and we love each other very much; they can't afford to pay tuition at the school I'm going to and I wouldn't expect them to do so. School is an investment in yourself and if your worried that your degree can't pay for itself then major in something that will. Until we start taking responsibility for ourselves our actions and our own futures we will continue to be a dependent generation.

Even smarter than him.... who has 2 phds

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Maybe you should show him your PhD in ass kicking!

wow, **** your dad, then your life. sorry dude

What kind of school wastes their enrollment positions on someone getting a second Ph.D.?