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Today, I received a response to my perfectly straightforward online dating profile: "How about changing a dirty diaper, mommy?" FML
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And that is when you pretend you didn't see the message and never reply...


peithecelt 28

no, I can respect that we all have different things we are into, but I absolutely can not love that particular kink.

There are so many implications behind that question, and I'm not sure which is worse.

I think the only implication is that the person who sent the message is into infantilism

And that is when you pretend you didn't see the message and never reply...

Or reply to him and say your a tranny and not only can you be mommy, you can be daddy too.

Well, he /is/ a dirty boy. He might also ask you to spank him when he's been naughty.

And there you go: consequences of straightforwardness in a twisted world!

dragoongirl90 34

How is this a consequence of being straightforward? This is called the insane, sick **** not even reading the profile and ignoring her straightforwardness.

How the **** would any woman find that attractive?

Panchovilla64 6

hey ma I just shit myself wanna come and clean it? does this sound better?

Lichinamo 33

Some people are into weird shit. Personally I wouldn't be happy with that message. ... I might be the one that SENT the message, but that's totally different. As I said, women are into some weird shit.

I was thinking that he was speaking sardonically because her profile stated she was a single mom, and he was just being a douche. thats what i interpreted from it at least

Some women are Dominate figures and like to have baby boys. I am a baby girl with a Daddy dom. It all depends on what you're into. Some people like BDSM, some don't for example.

Some people... Keep looking for a date OP. Good luck

Wizardo 33

Looks like an Oedipus and diaper complex, this guy needs Huggies, but don't Pampers him or his muses you don't need to Mothercare about this random Johnson and Johnson's.

arandomusernameaa 20

You are trying too hard. first ones were fine. the last few however...

Yeah shoulda stopped after pampers. But was quite entertaining up to that point!