By IkeTheIntern - 18/09/2015 20:02 - Canada

Today, my boss told me to stop giving work to our college intern because it's an embarrassment to have someone who hasn't finished college working for him. This is the same boss who constantly brags about being a high school drop out. FML
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wow, your boss is a dick

Your boss doesn't seem very fair...


wow, your boss is a dick

Murilirum 23

Some bosses are pretty good at that.

sometimes being an asshole is the only thing they can do...

Your boss doesn't seem very fair...

What hypocrisy.

If he'd finished high school, maybe he'd know what that word means!

Most bosses are horrid because they seem to think since they pay you, you owe them your entire existence. But he's a hypocrite.

See how fast he may change his ways if people keep quitting because of his bullshit

Kaei 21

you're boss is so stupid omg

Oh the irony :)

how ridiculous. more like fuck the interns life.

High school dropout logic.

Hypocrite up the ass.

what an asshole

cooltatgar 31

"I dropped out of high school to be like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, cool right!"

Except they both completed high school and some college...

they were Harvard drop outs not high school.