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Today, I couldn't find my key so I sat against the wall to wait for my roommate to get home. I fell asleep. When I woke up a few hours later, I could hear her inside. She chose not to wake me up and let me in. FML
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Top comments got a nap in, got back inside, and lost nothing. Other than your keys and dignity, that is.


Maybe she was being thoughtful and didn't want to wake you up. Was sleeping out there for a bit really so bad? You were asleep so you didn't notice a difference. It's only an FML if she still didn't let you in afterwards.

I'm sure OP would have preferred to sleep indoors in s nice warm bed than out on the stoop in winter time. Would you like to be left outside unnecessarily for hours on end? All OP wanted to do was get inside, and she was obviously exhausted.

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maybe she didn't know for sure that you were locked out and thought you were out there for a reason. did you call her so she knew you were locked out?

Well, why didn't you just go in after you realized that she was there? Geez, OP. it's your own fault for falling asleep.

yeah, **** her for you being unable to find your keys.

Well, that's one crappy friend you have there.