By thenewgirl - United States - Jacksonville
Today, my boyfriend and I were wondering whose extra spare key was on the counter when we came home. Turns out it's his ex's and she returned it, while neither of us were home. We're still taking inventory to see what's missing. FML
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  SirMichael  |  13

I don't think so #19, it looks to me like OP's boyfriend had just forgotten she still had one. Otherwise it would be a bit weird to assume that it was her who left it, there's no mention of a note or anything. Honestly OP seems a bit paranoid assuming she stole something. She probably just stopped by to return it and left it on the counter because nobody was home.

  WhatsYOURname6  |  25

I agree but at the same time if he's been with op long enough to be living with her than it's far too late for the ex girlfriend to just let herself in to give back the key!

  tashb  |  17

Not necessarily true. My boyfriend broke up with his ex and we moved into a new apartment. We noticed that we had a piece of furniture that had belonged to her and didn't want to take it so we told her to come by and pick it up. She had the keys still and returned them when she came to get her things. It's a bit annoying having her shit in my home but they were living together for years. You think you got rid of everything but some times there's still some things hiding around that you don't even realize. And she didn't return the key after the broke up cause we were moving out anyway


THAT. If I lived with someone then we broke up, the first thing I would do would be to change the locks. You don't just "Forget" who has access to your HOME. That trashy ho still had a key because he's probably still banging her. Sorry OP.

  Iceberg86300  |  14

Yup, shady. Could have easily mailed it.

As it's probably been quite some time since the breakup (I hope) because you're now living together, she may have just found it cleaning the keychain, other option is not good.

Time to change locks.

  garrett_8614  |  14

Maybe she didn't want to return it while they were home. Not saying it's a good idea, but she probably wanted to avoid an awkward conversation. Doesn't mean she took anything.

On the other hand. Maybe there is a reason that OP jumped to this conclusion...

  Insertnamesz  |  3

Get ready, here it comes... What if... OP and the ex didn't have a particularly bad breakup. I'm still really good friends with my ex and would trust her with my life, let alone my house keys. It could be the same situation, no big deal, really. But, they do seem paranoid of theft, so it actually probably is not lol. But oh well

By  Iceberg86300  |  14

Should have changed the locks. This is an often forgotten detail when going through the rigor of a breakup, unless you were planning it, which sucks about a million times more for the other person as this is usually a brutal confrontation they didn't see coming if they were in love with you.

Regardless of how this one went down, locks should be changed IMMEDIATELY. The key you found could get be one of many.

By  Just_A_Tree  |  20

I would actually worry less about what was taken.

Think like a crazy jealous person!

Stealing things is so noticeable, and easier to get caught!

Think with the intent of long term payback!

Like poked wholes in all of your condoms! Or switching your birth control pills with something else!

That is on the level of crazy.

And always assume someone who came into your house without your permission is crazy, until proven otherwise.


"And always assume someone who came into your house without your permission is crazy, until proven otherwise."

YES YES YES on all of it, especially the above. That was a creepy dirty thing for her to do, and thinking about it further, it's probably a power play to remind the new girlfriend that the ex ho bag is still around. She could have done anything to return the key, but she chose to walk right in and probably got really nosy about the guy and his new woman.