By WickedLittleDoll / Monday 1 December 2014 16:38 / United States - Laurinburg
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  piff7  |  14

OP was having a bad day after discovering her at shat on her favorite shoes. To calm herself she took a stroll around a pond. Along the way she came across this goose. The goose was just chilling out like a normal goose and OP needed to lash out on something, anything and the goose seemed like the perfect target


Today, while volunteering at my local animal shelter, I was asked to clean the cat room. This entailed taking each cat out of its cage by hand and cleaning the inside. They forgot to mention that some of the cats were feral. I now look like I belly flopped into a cactus. FML

By hamiltonma / Saturday 1 August 2015 03:20 / United States - Boone

Today, I was walking home when I saw an elderly woman struggling with a large bag of garbage. I asked if I could help. I got it all the way to the dumpster and the bag ripped. Inside were about fourteen dead cats. FML

By AdamwithanA - / Thursday 11 October 2012 03:36 / Canada - Surrey
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