Thanks, I hate it!

By Tay - 17/02/2012 01:29 - Australia

Today, while working as a receptionist at a health clinic a woman came to settle her account. Before she left, she held out her closed palm and asked if I could put something in the bin for her. I held out my hand and watched many bits of chewed fingernails land in my palm. FML
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you should thrown em down and yelled "AW HELL NO"

That's beyond disgusting. -_-


That's beyond disgusting. -_-

that's just plain feral! So wrong!

You should have dropped your hand and looked at her like "I'm not picking that up"

I'd throw them at her face :-)

43 - So would number 4.. Hours before you wrote it.

48 - LOL @ you. Chill :-)

That's why I always hold the trash can out for them, even if I can see it, only need to have something covered in slobber touch your hand once to avoid touching the shit

you should thrown em down and yelled "AW HELL NO"

"So I threw it on the GROUND!" :)

34- That's hilarious :)

Happy birthday to the ground!

"Welcome to the real world jackass!"

omg that was me!

So you're a woman in Australia not an 18y/o male in Canada?

With a name like Torch anything is possible!! Flame ON!!

42- Flamer would have made for a better joke.

Eww, I would've thrown them at her face.

First thought: "What the fuck?!!!!!!!"

Eww, that's nasty. I'd have gave them back. Or thrown them at her, depending how secure my job is.

If you didnt react or slightly made a discusted face, you are a jedhi. Just sayin

Two words: star wars!

Ew, I would have dashed them in her face. Fuck outta here dirty bitch

Should've told her to open her other hand cuz u have a surprise for her in ur hand

For OH&S issues get them to come around or just pull out the bin for them. That's just disgusting and very inconsiderate of her. I used to work at a medical center and the amount of times people expected me to throw their dirty tissues in the bin was ridiculous.