Thanks, I hate it!

By Tay - 17/02/2012 01:29 - Australia

Today, while working as a receptionist at a health clinic a woman came to settle her account. Before she left, she held out her closed palm and asked if I could put something in the bin for her. I held out my hand and watched many bits of chewed fingernails land in my palm. FML
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badass243 6

you should thrown em down and yelled "AW HELL NO"


indielove 13

You should have dropped your hand and looked at her like "I'm not picking that up"

iloveweed69 7

I'd throw them at her face :-)

43 - So would number 4.. Hours before you wrote it.

iloveweed69 7

That's why I always hold the trash can out for them, even if I can see it, only need to have something covered in slobber touch your hand once to avoid touching the shit

badass243 6

you should thrown em down and yelled "AW HELL NO"

sinking_fish 12

"So I threw it on the GROUND!" :)

lebronesque73091 12

So you're a woman in Australia not an 18y/o male in Canada?

With a name like Torch anything is possible!! Flame ON!!

42- Flamer would have made for a better joke.

DontClickOnMe 28

Eww, I would've thrown them at her face.

SecretMe00 5

First thought: "What the ****?!!!!!!!"

Eww, that's nasty. I'd have gave them back. Or thrown them at her, depending how secure my job is.

Ew, I would have dashed them in her face. **** outta here dirty bitch

Should've told her to open her other hand cuz u have a surprise for her in ur hand

For OH&S issues get them to come around or just pull out the bin for them. That's just disgusting and very inconsiderate of her. I used to work at a medical center and the amount of times people expected me to throw their dirty tissues in the bin was ridiculous.