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Today, I was cashiering, and a customer's change came to $5.51. She looked pretty stinking rich, so I just gave her $5.50. She demanded the extra penny, and I asked if she really needed it. She said, "No, but they do, asshole," and dropped her $5.51 in the charity donation box. FML
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Why in the world would you not give someone correct change because they look rich?

I work as a cashier and you sound ridiculous. Why on earth would you not give her HER OWN MONEY because she looked rich?! Even though it IS only a penny, that is technically stealing, you ****.


Why in the world would you not give someone correct change because they look rich?

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I thought the only reason why u didn't give pennies were if they told u to keep the change or if it was below 4 cents and u ask of they want it.

Find a penny pick it up, all day long you'll have... A penny.

I've had TONS of places (mostly small gas stations/family owned businesses but walgreens a couple times too) give me .50 back when it the total comes to like 4.52 and I give them a 5, but NEVER have I had a business try and keep the penny or two when it comes to them owing me .52 without my permission (I usually tell them to keep the pennies or put them in the "leave a penny, take a penny" jar). BTW OP, you sound like the kind of person that would grab all the pennies from the jar and tell the cashier "It says take a penny" and walk off

OP's motto must be, "take a penny, take another penny"

People don't become stinking rich by not paying attention to every penny they spend. It's pretty idiotic of you to assume they wouldn't want their correct change

53, since this was coming from the cashiers point of view, I think they have a second motto. "It says leave a penny, bitch!"

It's Florida. Where people eat other peoples faces off!

I fail to see how this is even an FML

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Why wouldn't you give her the change she's right you are an asshole

tjv3 10

OP WTH is wrong with you. Just because some one looks rich you aren't going to do your job correctly? I bet you voted for the hope and change huh?

lexi365 20

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lovebeecharmer 6

You idiot she put the $5 and whatnot ALL in. Not just the penny. Asshole.

#175 - The FML says she dropped her $5.51 in the donation box...

Iknoweverything 29

If you weren't going to give her the correct change, why give her any of her change at all? Maybe you should have asked her if she really needed the 5 dollars too, as long as you're going to be an asshole.

Taxi drivers always do this. If the total comes to $19.80 and I hand them $20, they never give me the change unless I ask, but when it's $20.10, I'll hand them a twenty and keep looking around in my wallet, and they'll say something along the lines of "that's just umm.. 10 more cents." I'd bet if someone was a penny short at OP's work, he'd ask for it.

Kn0wledge123 21

Pennies suck anyway, but you really should've just given her the damn change. It's her money you fuckstick.

One time I was at Walgreens, and I had $5 and tried to buy a $5.05 box of truffles. They made me walk out to my car for the nickel.

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OP did not know that the customer was going to give it to charity. Read before you type.

245-"...and dropped her $5.51 in the donation box." Read, dumbfuck.

228- Most stores aren't a fan of lending out anything over 4 cents. As a cashier, I have pulled change from my own pocket to help a customer out, but you must remember that it it's not the cashiers money to lend out, it belongs to the store. I'd much rather send a customer out to get more money than lose my job.

211, you're supposed to tip taxi drivers.

You tip good service, so if they give shit service they get no tip. I was running late to work and the taxi driver took a route that takes 10mins longer, so when I got there I asked for every penny change and told him if he took the proper route he would've gotten a tip because it would've been $8 less.

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246- So you are saying that it's perfectly ok for me to take your money if you are not giving it to charity? *picks up pen an paper* Then I'll need your bank account, mothers maiden name, and social security..... Pretty flawed logic in my opinion because I'm assuming you won't give it all away.

zakkcarter 7

#228 walgreens wouldnt let me have a $0.25 pack of gum because i was 1 penny short for tax. jews...

Except it specifically says that she put the full $5.51 into the charity box.

175 - It doesn't matter if she's rich or not, she's a paying customer and you are to give them their change. And then OP asked if she really needed it? Who the **** does that? I'd request to see OP's manager because, even though I don't like to start anything, OP deserves to be told upon. YDI

I would, and cashiering is part of my daily job.

Why wouldn't you have given her the exact change?


One penny may be worthless alone, but when they gang up on you....

The_Tool1 13

The only reason I keep my pennies is to throw them at people.. Works pretty well

Seriously!? If one of my cashiers actually said that to a person I would fire them. Hands down.

LoganBurrito 6

I put all of my pennies into a giant, empty water jug, and then go to the bank to make a deposit when it's full. How's that for "required direct paycheck deposit," Capital One?

I agree? Regardless of how people look they deserve their change even if it is a penny? You deserve it for being stupid.

OP you deserve this so so so so so much

#33 we'll be waiting for the day your FML comes up " today, I was throwing pennies at people for fun and then..."

soccergurrll 8

OP, you don't not give someone their right change just because they LOOK rich.

nightowl713 25

Complete and total douchery OP. Like it wasn't bad enough to attempt to keep the penny, but when she called you on it, you had the nerve to argue with her? It's moments like this when the phrase, "a penny for your thoughts", was taken too literally. SMH.

BunchieRules 31

75 - I do that as well, and they really do add up if you just save one penny at a time. I can get as much as $10 from one full jug. It might not sound like much at first, but that's 1,000 pennies saved up over time. And if anyone isn't happy with an extra $10, I'll keep it safe.

baddawg365 0

184- I like and agree with your comment, but it's a double negative. Don't not is saying you do not not.... I'm sorry i only say that because at first I though you were on OP's side.

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Hiimhaileypotter 52

Regardless of whether she was going to donate the money or not, it's still HER money and OP doesn't have any right to judge whether or not she deserves to have all of her change back or not. :|

You know what 45, it's called karma for not providing the services you signed up for.

3- Whether she was going to "donate" the money or not, the OP had planned on not giving her back her penny (which is THEFT, btw) and then was rude to a customer. I'm betting she's been fired by now, if that woman had gone to OP's manager (hopefully). I -HATE- rude cashiers. It ruins any chance of a good mood that I might've had. Ugh. Sorry, OP; you deserve this one.

How is it not the OPs fault for trying to STEAL from someone who helps keep their worthless ass employed? Without customers to ring up the OP wouldn't have a job... That's something he/she needs to consider before trying to rip off a customer regardless of the amount.

car8o8line 5

I didn't thumb down your comment because it was stupid I thumbed it down because you put a question mark after "it's not your fault"

As a cashier myself, we hate rude customers who we are obligated to be nice to. Works both ways atleast as customer you get to leave the store and forget about it, ruins our day as well. :)

163- except this doesn't apply to the FML like my comment did - in this situation, the CASHIER was incredibly rude with her biased comment and then by STEALING the customer's change (albeit a penny), and anything the customer might have said that was "rude" to the cashier in this case is completely justified. I understand that there are rude people everywhere and I'm sure you get a handful of just oh so lovely people going through your till every day - but it's YOUR job to have a pleasant facade and at LEAST give them correct change..... Especially so that the customer doesn't go complain to your manager to get you FIRED -OR- take free shit from the store as "compensation", OOORRRRR to go off and tell all their friends how shitty this one cashier at this store was treating them. Either way, it's your -job-.

Iknoweverything 29

I don't care if the customer was the rudest bitch on the planet. It doesn't justify not giving her the correct change.

At the end of the day, regardless of the amount, change should be delivered. I went to a restaurant where the waiter did not return my cousin's dollar. It's not a lot of money, but if you want to be tipped, you should be deserving of it. In the end, it was really about the principle, not the amount. Needless to say, my cousin was pretty pissed and this situation gave a very bad example of service in my country (as she was visiting from another country).

baddawg365 0

212- That was what I was going to say... Minus the cousin portion of your story. When I go out I tip an amount appropriate to their demeanor and service, so if a person steals money, no matter the amount it would mar my opinion of the establishment as a whole.

BigShOtz07 5

Wouldn't be surprised if she sued

superhappychappy 0

no one would ever sue for that. no damage or harm was caused, so she would end up losing money because of legal fees. and come on, who sues over a penny...

Still, OP is a ******* moron. Money is money. You dont just decide not to give people the right amount of money. Thats not your call

Oh yes, sue over a penny. Great idea! *facepalm*

I'd rather her complain complain complain until the shitstain of a cashier is fired

Good 142. That's better then suing over a penny.

I work as a cashier and you sound ridiculous. Why on earth would you not give her HER OWN MONEY because she looked rich?! Even though it IS only a penny, that is technically stealing, you ****.

I bet this particular cashier has a Robin Hood complex.

"you ****" at the end of your comment made it so much better

srgsk9 9

I'm a cashier as well and if I don't have the pennies, I'll round up and give them a nickel or whatever. I'm not going to short a customer just because my company sucks too hard to get me the pennies when I ask for them. At the same time, when she asked for the penny, you should've just said you forgot it and given it to her.

jackal181 7

Actually, saying "you ****" at the end of her comment negated her credibility and made her sound like she was 12

No, she emphasised her point at the end by saying "you ****". It showed her disgust and disdain towards fucktards who think they can steal.

I used to be a cashier (up until late last year). In Australia, it's rounded to the nearest 5 cents, so I don't have to worry about that, but all customers deserve the exact change in whatever currency they are using. No exceptions.

As a cashier, I also ensure exact change is given. In my city, customers have to pay a fee for plastic bags, which I usually include in their bill. If they change their mod after the receipt is printed, I STILL give them the small sum back. It's not about the amount!!!

In our store we would sometimes not give customers the 5c change, we wouldn't however give some elitist attitude when they requested it, just give it to them happily. Who the hell asks if someone "needs it"? If they want it, give it to them. Who are you to refuse? What a jackass.

Calm the **** down its its a penny not like 1 cent us gonna make a difference i hate it when i get anything lower than a quarter not a big deal

You know if you got all those nickles, dimes and pennies back and put them in a jar, you'd have quite a lot saved up in a year. Stop wasting money by not getting anything under a quarter, just try it. I promise you'll see it differently. I actually took in three dollars every morning to purchase a energy drink and crackers on my way to work, the total was 2.79, I always told them to keep the change and left. Then I one day I suddenly didn't have that three dollars a day cause times were tight. I wished I'd at least gotten all my change back, then I'd of still been able to do that for a bit longer.

I under stand i usually put it in the tips contain but we are talking about one cent no multiple pennies just one so why do we need to belittle the OP he proballys feels enough of an asshole so why notify him further of his mistake

baddawg365 0

238- I never take my change if it's less than a quarter, not because I'm spoiled or "rich" but because I lose it if I pocket it. So instead I leave it for the people behind me, because I've had some lady 3¢ short and a cashier dick her over for it, so it's either a tip or to help those who are a might bit short on their end of things.

Easy: because he posted it on FML... He sort of asked for it...

itssnotfunny 24

I'm also a cashier, and isn't OP worried about getting their drawer counted? I mean, even if it's just a penny, if this happens frequently enough, it'll add up and really screw OP. It's always good to give correct change, especially as a a cashier. It's your job and any amount can count against you.

Who does that?! She probably worked her ass off for that money, you don't deserve to judge people on whether they "look rich" or not.

Now how often does that happen compared to them just taking the pennies instead?

why would she not want it if she ASKED for it?

7, I don't know about there, but here if you see a female who looks stinking rich its more likely she just has a rich husband. The ones who flaunt it where I live didn't earn it themselves. But as I said, this may not apply where you live.

baddawg365 0

225- The only reason I'm not throwing a tirade is because you qualified your statement. My aunt is filthy rich not from her husband but from working from the time she was 15 and working so hard for EVERY PENNY, and she dresses in Prada, Gucci, etc. but she has the biggest heart she does not allow us to have a Christmas eve dinner or day until we all go help out at some form of volunteer service for the homeless... I can go on but I realize no one cares.

297 - I wish more people in the world were like your aunt.

297, Okay...yeah I wasn't saying all people are the same. But no worries I guess.

You should always give someone all of the change unless they tell you to keep some of it.

That's something you could, and probably should, get fired over.

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sbjess 8

You're lucky your assuming ass didn't get canned. If that's her change, GIVE HER THE CORRECT CHANGE, ASSHAT!

Bonzer 2

oh my god!! I thought I was the only one who uses the word asshat!!

tjv3 10

Asshat is a veryunder used word

^ Yup. Though it's kind of annoying when you meet someone, and when you say "asshat" for some reason they go off on some rant like, "how do you know about that word?!?!? I invented it!!!" ......well, that doesn't happen ALL the time but you get what I mean, lol....

159- No. Plenty of people use it. In FACT, I've noticed it's been said MANY, many times on this site by all kinds of posters. It's under-used, but soon will be over-used, once the unintelligibles catch wind of it. :/

dellis44 7

when you assume things it only makes an ASS out of U and ME. ydi

Why are you an ass because of his error?

u fail at life. look at the word "assume" moron

I think 30 is wondering why it makes an ass out of "you" when "me" is the assumer and possibly wrong. Simmer down 42.

42, The saying only makes sense in a certain context, that was the point being made. In this context it doesn't make sense. People are always using it incorrectly.