By Anonymous - United States - West Babylon
Today, I found out my upstairs neighbors filed a noise complaint against me for banging on the ceiling every night. They conveniently left out the part where they constantly stomp, shout, and do stuff that sounds like they're dropping bricks to the floor every night. FML
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  photographer49  |  22

#7 if OP complains to them I don't think they are going to care. Might just give them excuse to complain about "harrassment." Since they enjoy complaining about bullshit

By  abNormal62  |  23

If it's a regular occurrence that you can set your watch by, invite the building superintendent superintendent up for a coffee or a beer let them experience it firsthand

By  Cassandra2015  |  21

with banging on the ceiling, you gave them a reason to file a complaint . what you should have done was went up to their apartment and voiced your concern with them. the situation might have been rectified that way, and without anyone getting complaints