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just do the cupid shufflexD

That comment had nothing to do with comment number 1.

usually most replies to any comment 1 have nothing to do with comment 1

yeah it didn't make any sense

I always knew spongebob smoked weed.

that's a nasty pic bro

ya.... shit happens to everyone OP. I mean look at 1's picture.

oh shit how did you find that pic?! I thought I burned it!

-60 your ex emailed it to the Internet Gods. I'm sorry to inform you but it is now the prey of trolls and people with weird fetishes. May the Gods have mercy on your soul.

i assuming ur talking about the man in my picture. yes that is morgan freeman

At school it was winter and I was running on this ice patch outside (I'm not super smart) and it was funny because I fell down on my butt and everyone bursted out laughing. Then I ran through the snow and when I ran inside I fell down again! XD

82 that was such a great story! (sarcasm)

Could've been worse. -shovels

82, if you were smart enough to use 89, you wouldn't have fallen.

Life just hates you.

well just imagine what would've happened if you were running.

Time to start crawling.

Your life is over.

walking... running... what's the difference?

one is runninf and one isnt......

no one is running and one isn't...

walking is when one foot is always touching the ground at any time?

46- so is standing... :P

Well, typically... running is done at quicker pace than walking there for you have a GREATER chance of slipping on a wet surface or tripping over something.

51-who stands on one foot at all times?

a flamingo does duh

51 actually when we run, we are making small hops forward

Maybe OP was power walking? I love your picture by the way.

I think OP is just a klutz! great picture by the way the look on toby's face is too classic

well the ground is wet just do what I do. penguin waddle next time.

Try moonwalking next time.

Or try moonrunning...

awe! damn that sucks...

Best thing to do is just laugh it off. Things like that are funny to watch and if you act all embarrassed, people will just laugh more.

That is so true why the fuck is it getting thumbed down.

you should tell that at parties!

The sign is a lie.

The cake is a lie.