By Anonymous - 12/01/2015 09:46 - Denmark - Copenhagen

Today, I returned a rental car and almost got charged extra for the "funky and rotten" smell in the car. I blamed it on a sausage roll, not having the heart to tell the woman it was my fart from a minute before. FML
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Who farts in something you're about to return?

Incoming "what a stinky situation" comments.


Incoming "what a stinky situation" comments.

What problem? I see now problem here.

The continued, never ending spread of cringe inducing puns is a problem, 28

31, if you honestly think that bad puns on FML are a serious problem, I think you need a priority check.

If you were expressing your sympathy, then stating it in a comment about stinky puns, you put it in the wrong place. If that is the case, I apologize, but you might want to check where you comment next time. FML is intended to be a fun place, so lets not argue :)

That's a good outlook, but it's the internet.

32: it's not just that they're on FML. It's that their existence is accepted. Give it 2 years, the puns will show up in real life, all because not enough of us spoke up.

It seems that FML has finally turned on my insanity. Ok

maybe you should've bring some air freshener incase these kind of situation happens.

Well he said it was a minute ago. So I assume he wasn't already carrying some air freshener with him.

Whenever my family uses a rental car, we leave an air freshener in it when we return it, just as a courtesy thing.

Who farts in something you're about to return?

NotGabe 28

There was this one time a valet employee returned my car to me. He walked away so fast before I had the opportunity to tip him. I then realized he left an aromatic gift behind.

Just tell the truth its probably the last time you'll ever see her anyways. Wear it loud and proud lmao

you should have blamed it on your uncontrollable need to get funky. then start a dance off. and if you win you keep the car

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funky and rotten smell. must have had taco bell last night right?

No, I think Taco Bell would've resulted in a shart.

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You are a brave soul for trusting the fart

Explain that the contract specified that you gas it up before returning.