By Anonymous - Denmark - Copenhagen
  Today, I returned a rental car and almost got charged extra for the "funky and rotten" smell in the car. I blamed it on a sausage roll, not having the heart to tell the woman it was my fart from a minute before. FML
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  kindasortayeah  |  23

If you were expressing your sympathy, then stating it in a comment about stinky puns, you put it in the wrong place. If that is the case, I apologize, but you might want to check where you comment next time. FML is intended to be a fun place, so lets not argue :)

  WoldowJR  |  25

32: it's not just that they're on FML.
It's that their existence is accepted.
Give it 2 years, the puns will show up in real life, all because not enough of us spoke up.

  NotGabe  |  28

There was this one time a valet employee returned my car to me. He walked away so fast before I had the opportunity to tip him. I then realized he left an aromatic gift behind.