By yeahhhhhommmie - 18/09/2011 09:20 - United States

Today, I was at Walmart walking around when I slipped on some water and twisted my ankle. As I was getting up, a man came up to me and said, "There's some water on the floor, watch out." FML
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Your fall could be incredibly profitable if you sue everyone indiscriminately.

jowho 0

I woulda ran up to you and yelled "SAFE". Then I woulda helped you up.


Your fall could be incredibly profitable if you sue everyone indiscriminately.

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that's like putting a "Caution: Wet Floor" sign on a carpeted area! (;

A wet carpet. That sounds like an ultimate torture device of slipping and falling with perhaps burns on your feet.

xSniperx_fml 5

Wow, they're smart for not telling you. o;

A wet carpet: 1970's **** terminology for an aroused foxy lady.

Yeah I would sue the hell out of them. I better see you making money on the news.

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Sue them like Plankton did Krabs! Just keep your hands off the secret formula.

nixter5 18

You should've said "WELL NO FREAKIN SHIT!!"

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They'll give you free stuff so you won't sue normally. Like one time my little sister got stung by a bee in walmart and they gave her toys and candy.

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instead of suing like every other dumbass why not watch for water on the floor or where you step

How is it the store's fault that a bee stung her?!

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I fell in walmart once. Bruised the tailbone, messed up my knee, and further more, hurt my pride. I feel your pain. Only mine resulted in two old men laughing at me, a older man checking on me, and my best friend trying to help me keep my dignity.

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#22-I fail to see the comparison.

Sue them! My moms friend did that a couple years back and got SO MUCH money. Good luck! And I hope your ankle feels better!

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all the people saying sue them a F@cking tards. this is another example of why our great country is going down the crapper

Great country?! It's already down the crapper…

Not to diss respect a soldier if that is you in the picture but there should always be a sign because people don't watch the floor when they walk.

74- Do you honestly keep one eye focused on the ground at all times in case of stray puddles of water?

Dam, I am so sick of people saying "Sue them" what is wrong with the world? How about thinking of a more productive way of sorting out your tiny problems.

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Thought walmart had white Colored floors idk how, you could really notice water on the floor unless the water some color in it or something

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If your not first your last.. And your def not FIRST!!! Lol

Actually, you were 2nd, which makes you first loser!

let the wave of insults and thumb downs begin

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Im sorry, that sounds like something that would happen to me :p

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I'm sorry but you sound like a bucket of fail.

I swear that wasn't me bc that's what I would do. So sorry but hey... there's some water there. Careful.

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Thanks for clearing that up for us, Captain O.

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I woulda ran up to you and yelled "SAFE". Then I woulda helped you up.

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Then we would become best friends :3

Then, while you were running.. you would've fell too. ;)

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Haha tht would have been funny to see

HowAreYouToday 34

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Was the "water" in the diaper isle? If so, take a bath. Please.

From what I've heard of that place, if you slip over in Wal-Mart, scour your skin with acid to remove all the disgusting ikky.

One of the pissed off door greeters probably spilled it. Mmmm sounds like a potential lawsuit. Sucks to be you.

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No, it sucks to be Walmart. OPs gonna make bank!!!!

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Don't sue.. There are enough bottom feeders in this world already. Just chalk up to tough luck.

I wouldn't sue either, just tell the manager about it so they'll give you free stuff. :)

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yeah bottom feeders are killing this country. this person should have been watching where they were walking

Walmart probably would offer the OP all kinds of free stuff. They go to ridiculous lengths to prevent getting sued.

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