By catherine - 17/06/2011 11:32 - United Kingdom

Today, I dropped my camera into water. The good news is that it's waterproof. The bad news is I dropped it off London Bridge. All the pictures and videos of my four-month trip around Europe were on it. FML
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luckily for you the London bridge is falling down so you should be able to go get it!

missy_lynn012 0

well that sinks


missy_lynn012 0

well that sinks

Sometimes, you just have to let things go, this is not one of them.

I see what you did there!

ienjoithinqs 0

jump after it :D

rherring 1

SAVE OFTEN!!!! backup photos everyday... you won't make that mistake again.

London bridge is falling down.. oh wait it's the camera this time!

Its called a swan dive, try it next time

atleast OP didn't jump in after it only to find out it was really water proof.

Something tells me that I you can afford to trek around Europe for 4 months, that should also be able to afford a scuba rental, good luck!

Isn't that what the wrist strap is for?..

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YDI for not backing up your pics more often.

smooth move, exlax.

Veraymix 6

Dive in and get it!

mrT95 1

I believe that the word you were trying to correct was compooter not coompuer you silly goose.

erveeyone is so stupid. if that were me, u wud just use the force to make it come back to me...:)

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a guy who's dumb and retarded. niceee

imacreeper 3

141, I feel bad for anything in the forces way.

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-16 tht comment made me laugh xD

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just stop trying

The camera was like "WHEEEEEEEEEEE!" as it was falling.

Punbelievable Jeff!

This happened because the Americans stole our bridge.

This FML is obviously fake.. the london bridge is in havasu, Arizona :p

why in the world did i get moderated?

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better question is, who cares?

ok everyone is thumbing down my comment so I'll explain my self. the fml involves something falling in the water and 1 said that sinks.

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ouch tht is a fail

haymagana 2

ur hot!!


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i would too. thts a good excuse to jump off a bridge :D

you cahhhhyutteee :)

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lmao nice name 133

hellogoodbye1996 6


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y thank ya ;)

Well better luck next time :-) Fyl

Ydi for doing the truffle shuffle on the London Bridge.

Wait... what do you mean next time? Next time he drops his camera off the London bridge? How is OP going to have better luck? Did I ask 5 questions? Nope. How about now? Yes.

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London bridge is falling down.. falling down... falling down...

And that is why they make straps that go on your wrist or neck. YDI

it could have done some crazy ninja move by accident you never know, it's not like he threw it out there to play fetch with some birdies.

alex6946 10

yes!! who doesnt use a little strap!?

they where hungry, tried to peg the birds with the cammera

Oh thank you! I never knew that there were psychics in England, only wizards and witches.

luckily for you the London bridge is falling down so you should be able to go get it!

damn, i was just about to say that :)

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did they remake the London bridge? because last I thought it was moved to the USA for a tourest attraction after not being up to safty codes

Yeah, they did. Got a museum under it. I'm still wondering if they meant the actual London Bridge, or if they mixed it up with Tower Bridge (named after the Tower of London and has four big towers as part of it), which is a common mistake.

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lol the London bridge, and into a glass of water!

116 they moved the whole thing to arizona. Brick by brick then rebuilt it. and theres no museum under it, just a bunch of shops around it. i'm like an hour away so i've been there a ton :D

least its waterproof

It doesn't matter if it's waterproof!! It fell off a bridge so OP can't get it back!!!!!! >.

I see what you didn't get there.

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though that wouldn't help much now, huh?

Sadly, it's not idiot proof.

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oh yeah! and op can tour Europe all over again for another 4 months! dumbass.

a girl whos hot and smart. niceee

96-It doesn't take much brain power to understand that 10's comment was idiotic. Btw don't get the wrong idea 46, I'm not calling you stupid.

104 but were you calling her ugly? JK. Also for people who are going to say I don't have a pic of myself and I could be ugly, I know I don't and how can a handsome devil like me be ugly? JK. I think I look... umm... descent?

I can't stand shutterbugs. and, if OP was smart, they would have had a couple of memory sticks or rolls of film, so all of the pictures won't be lost. if all of the pictures were on one, then 1) stupid and 2) u didn't take enough pictures for 4 months. think about that.

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The whole point of having a camera is to have pictures of memorable events. Getting a new one will not fix the fact that the OP lost a lot of important pictures.

let's just hope it's falling down falling down falling down!

Hey, it's water-proof, so they're not destroyed, just lost. I'm sure that made you feel so much better *sarcasm*.

The London bridge is in Arizona tho...

I think it is in London actually. please correct me if I'm wrong

Alysin 14


There is a bar in Arizona called London Bridge. However, I'm pretty sure OP didn't drop the camera in a pot of beer!

america brought the orginal London bridge ... and left us with a shit one, thats why I prefer tower bridge :D

sxe_beast 11

Don't flame him. I think he was just confused:

I think the LONDON Bridge is a big enough clue.

The London Bridge was taken apart and then reconstructed in Arizona. A more modern one was then rebuilt in London. So, technically, there's two London Bridges.

hidingmaster 2

Ya there's one in Arizona.. but if ops location is London and they are on a 4 month Europe trip... well it's not that one. it's common sense

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she's in fuckin' europe you idiot

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haha nice one!!!:/)

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it is in arizona! they moved it here and London has a new one

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there actually is a bridge in Arizona called the London bridge, but it's not the one the FML is about.

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ur dumb it's in London

Yes, they moved the ORIGINAL London Bridge to a museum in Arizona. However this FML is about the one they replaced the original one with.