Simmer down, dad

By QQQ - 20/05/2014 17:27 - United States

Today, I had to kick my own father out of my house after he started attacking my wife for breastfeeding our newborn son in the living room. All the way to the door, he ranted that, "You don't see me whipping my dick out and pissing in front of everyone, do you?" FML
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It's official: he's a complete bastard.

VengeanceChicken 12

But breastfeeding provides nourishment, whereas pissing in front of everyone provides dirty looks and makes you a recipient for a potential ass-kicking....


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obviously not. besides, those are two very different things. one provides nourishment and the other, not even close. its your house and she can breastfeed wherever she chooses and he can deal with it or leave, preferrably without comments like that.

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The actual number is seven times.

Oh sorry 29 I think missed the part where it said they live in a desert.

Besides that fact, his father is at THEIR house. That behavior is out of place. Plus he is family. Needs to grow up.

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Urine is approximately 90% water, so while it's not AS healthy as drinking normal water, it wouldn't "**** your liver up" after one or two drinks.

no, it wouldnt **** up your liver, but it does dehydrate you.

Learn something new everyday. Thanks guys

US Army survival field manuals say DO NOT DRINK. Bear Grylls says it's ok to do it once or twice before it becomes counterproductive. I trust both of those more than random numbers that people throw out on this website, that's for sure.

It would make sense not to drink it. It is after all the waste that your body got rid of. Probably shouldn't drink it more than two times.

Excuse me if i am incorrect, but I think i heard that if you boil it somehow it might increase how many times you can drink it.

nlm92 15

225 - yeah you could probably distill it if you could gather the resources to do so. Boil it, funnel the steam onto an above surface to produce condensation and angle that surface towards a drinking cup or vessel of some kind. It'll filter out the water, leaving behind the waste material. You could do this more than twice anyway.

That not true, urine will only prove to dehydrate you more.

you can only drink it once if you have a negative blood type, apparently negative blood types can only filter "self toxins" once with no harm. learned that in honors anatomy.

It's official: he's a complete bastard.

Yeah, OP's dad is just a boob.

friedpwnadge 25


nlm92 15

Yeah, some people are so immature/naive about sexuality and natural bodily functions. Previous generations stigmatized nudity and stuff so much that it just blinds people. Why can't he just look the other way? It's OP's house anyway

groovycrazyjoe 18

guessing OP. didn't get any breast milk as a kid

@81 Ha! Haha! Hahaha! I see what you did there!

What a complete tit, if that ever happened I'd be pretty pissed at him for a while. If he doesn't know that what your wife was doing is okay then I seriously wonder who's been feeding him these lies.

nlm92 15

Lol 157 how do you not know you're gonna get buried with that comment?

VengeanceChicken 12

But breastfeeding provides nourishment, whereas pissing in front of everyone provides dirty looks and makes you a recipient for a potential ass-kicking....

And a trip to the police station for indecent exposure...

alot of people give breast feeding mothers dirty looks too . its amazing how many judgemental people are out there, at least breastfeeding mothers cover themselves up while doing it .

I worked at a pool and a woman breastfed in the water, not covering herself up. I still feel like it was unhygienic for the baby, considering the chlorine in the water. We weren't allowed to say anything though and a ton of kids and teens were watching.

#193 literally in the pool? and a public one too? I know thats its necessary to feed your kid but everytime I've seen a mother in public she always covers herself with a towel or blanket.

username53001 7

OP: Did he attack your mother when she was breast feeding you?

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No woman should have to go elsewhere to feed a baby if she feels comfortable enough to do it in her current location. If you're allowed to sit on the couch and have a coffee, a baby should be allowed to have a jug of milk on the couch, too. Most women are extremely discreet while nursing, it's really a non-issue.

itcomesinthrees 10

If somebody asked me not to feed my child in front of them I'd probably do it anyways, especially in my own home. I don't get why people are so uptight about stuff like this, especially in the US.. Boobs are not offensive. Plenty of hefty men let their saggy chests hang out and it's perfectly fine but God forbid a woman feed her child!

@75 & 78, you're both idiots. She was in her OWN home providing nourishment for her new born child. If you're a guest in someone's home and they're doing something you don't prove of, suck it the **** up. He had no right to behave the way he did, and the fact that the two of you are trying to justify his behavior is ridiculous. If, when I have a child, I want to breast feed my child in the comfort of my OWN HOME, I will do so. If someone has something negative to say, I will not so politely tell them exactly how and where to go **** themselves.

thank you, 88! my grandfather threw a total hissy fit when I breastfed in my living room while he was over and I was nice enough to put a cover over myself and the baby! the next day, I made it a point NOT to cover up. still couldn't see anything, but I got my point across.

Dear god... You women are such patriotic, pretentious, hummer-driving assholes! Breast feeding (where the breast is shown) IS offensive and makes people uncomfortable! All my life; my family have told aunties/cousins etc to "cover up" - it's like using a napkin to cover your mouth when using a tooth pick. It's about being COURTEOUS! My female family members often talk to anyone while feeding, but are covered. Is it okay for woman to walk around shirtless? Are men allowed to walk around naked in their own home when guests are over? Then why do you think it's ok to flash **** to guests that come over. HAVE SOME RESPECT!! It's like the equal of using "the N word" with my black mates but muttering it around guests. It's GENERALLY offensive. Get off your high pedastools and accept that there are some people who are ok with it; there are the vast majority who are not :)

Furthermore, I would like to point out that I don't think it's acceptable a woman has to go to another room. It's her house; her lounge etc. my point is - respect the views of others. Not everyone is comfortable with it - when in doubt, cover up.

132, I can't tell if you're being facetious, or if you're actually just an idiot. I'm sincerely hoping it's the former. Walking around topless or naked, and breast feeding are completely different things. She's providing nutrition for her child, there's nothing dirty about that. Also, it's nothing like using the N word, which leads be to believe that you're actually just an idiot.

I breastfeed my son in front of all my relatives and In public no one has any right to tell you not to "whip it out" its the most natural thing in the world. would you like it if you weren't allowed to eat/drink in front of other people and lets face if you dont like it DONT FRICKEN LOOK !!!!!!!

Maybe they should have individual cubicals for mealtimes? Pretty sure they're not Venusian.

Yes, how inconsiderate of that baby to be hungry!

I agree that it's ok to feed your baby anywhere. However, with that said, I don't think it's necessary to whip your boob out in public (and before the baby is on it) without a blanket over you. It's very easy to throw a blanket over you when breast feeding (especially with all the cute covers there are now) and I think it's polite when you're in public. Of course this situation where the OP is in her own house is different, but I was just responding to the other comments about feeding in public places.

As long as your covered in public Olive feel you should be able to breast feed whenever. Except for the lady that came through the drive through the other day breast feeding in the car. She was covered but that baby should be in a car seat. If he's hungry go home and feed him before you feed yourself!

You obviously have never nursed a baby that doesn't want to be covered and is loudly protesting the fact while you try to get the little one to latch. It actually draws more attention than if you hadn't bothered with the cover in the first place. Also, remember: boobs are for feeding and aren't in themselves sexual. It is our culture that makes them sexual.

Hellafied97 13

Why is this downvoted...

What a nut job..

Volcan_fml 22

#5, what the everloving **** is wrong with you?

rocker_chick23 27

He was insulting the OP's father. There is nothing wrong with #5

grashopper8 7

You're wonderful! Your wife must be proud.

Agreed! You are acting like a real man should OP. Keep up the good work!!

im glad op stuck up for his wife and stood up to his dad.

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Where is she supposed to breast feed then? The cellar? Or maybe the attic. Breast feeding is a natural HEALTHY process.

You're ******** me, right? My own living room in my house that I pay the rent/mortgage for is "too public"????

*understood! Not 'understanded'

Only seven comments in! Cue comment shutdown in 5...4...3...2...

rocker_chick23 27

It's the OP's own house. His wife can breast feed where ever the hell she wants.

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breast feeding is natural, it's not "too public" at the shops, or train station, if the baby needs feeding, the baby needs feeding, simple as that. I also have no idea how your living room is, but in my house I don't have a public walk way going through it, and I'll do what I want in it

rocker_chick23 27

She most likely had a towel covering her breast and the newborn. I doubt she whipped it out and had it showing for the world to see.

kayteakay 26

If feeding an infant makes you uncomfortable then you're the one who needs to leave the room,

What #37 said. When my niece and nephew were babies, it was pretty common that my sister in law would need to feed them while my parents and I were over visiting. We politely looked away until she was covered again and had the baby settled, and after that it was no big deal.

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rocker_chick23 27

#47: I breast fed my son when family and friends were over and they did the same. I don't know why people think breast feeding is some disgusting act that needs to be hidden from the world.

If someone has a problem with it then they can choose to walk away and not look. Why should she feel like a prisoner or outsider in her OWN home? Her FIL is family, not a stranger so why should she feel the need to hide away. Her baby needs feeding and so he should be fed. Anyone who has a huge problem with someone breast feeding at home/in a shop/at a park should just MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS!!

Breastfeeding is a child eating. Simple as that. The fact we have become a society where a that act, which can be hourly or 2-hourly for months (formulas are heavy which is why it's sometimes longer on them) is considered wrong in public is ridiculous. It's just food. And once mastered most women can do it with less visible boob than most women's cleavages! It isn't, never has been and never will be the same as an adult expelling waste in public for all to see.

If breasts weren't seen as a sex symbol we wouldn't have this problem. They're just fat pockets that provide a use for feeding infants. Come on people. Women should be allowed to do it where ever they need to. It's not like they're whipping out their tatas and doing a strip tease. They're feeding a child. Breasts are just part of the body. Men walk around without a shirt on so why can't women breast feed in public?? Absolutely ridiculous.

Since when are living rooms public? I'm pretty sure my living room isn't a public place. And I'm pretty sure she can breast feed her own child in her own living room.

itcomesinthrees 10

Wtf, her own living room is too public?! Pretty sure inside your own home is the least public place, unless she's supposed to breastfeed behind locked doors? It's weirds me out that some people are so conditioned to think of breasts as "always sexual" that they are uncomfortable with them in any other context.

Are you equating eating to ********?

Since when are breasts obscene? I bet you guys are fine with Victoria's Secret models flaunting them in the mall, or a stripper wagging them in your face, but the moment a woman uses her breasts for their NATURAL PURPOSE all of a sudden you're uncomfortable. Grow up.

It's her house if she wants to walk around buck ass naked with Guests over that's her buisness if the guests don't like that door they used to get in goes both ways.

crazytwinsmom 25

My husband was uncomfortable when I breastfed my babies in a park far away from anyone else and kept completely covered at all times.

@48 you're not going to starve and cry from holding your shit in until you find a toilet. I don't care how "offensive" breastfeeding in public is, I'd rather sit next to a woman breastfeeding her child than sit next to a crying baby because the mother is too concerned about offending people.

Laurenlou 24

#108 THANK YOU! There are Victoria's Secret billboards and commercials everywhere. People are not offended by that, but are rather encouraging of "sex sells" advertisements! Yet when a woman uses her breast for what they are made for, people go ape shit! Most breastfeeding women do cover up and that's way less exposed skin that the average teen girl.

The primary purpose of the breast is the nutrition of babies. If you consider feeding babies to be offensive, you really need to have a long hard think.

So do you go into a little room by yourself when _you_ eat?

Then he needs (or hopefully needed) to grow up.

You're an idiot. I guess your living is too public a place for you to eat too #7. Better go eat all your meals hiding in your bedroom from now on, we wouldn't want to offend anyone.

Are you for real? Really really? Or are you just sh*ting us for the fun of it! Its her house for crying out loud and she can do whatever she wants. Breast feeding is a natural and beautiful thing!

If you think that's how it should be, maybe you should go eat in your room when you have guests over. You know, so that it's not 'too public' for the people that are grossed out by YOU eating.

It's not the breast idea for your dad to start acting like a baby over such a small situation he was trying to erect. I would be pissed too OP. It's not your fault or your wife's fault he was acting like a dick.

OP's father was just trying to milk the situation for all it was worth. It's a good thing OP was able to nip it in the bud.

8- be more original next time. Genocide is funnier than this comment.

No #25. It isn't.

rocker_chick23 27

#25: My great great grandfather is a Holocaust survivor. There is nothing funny about genocide.

Please change your profile picture this is only bringing shame to our nation

#25, your comments are totally way out of line. Are you comparing this to genocide? I think that is a little bit too much even for you!


PinkkyPek 6

Guess what you drank when your mum didn't breast feed you...

Pancakes017 19

Your father needs a reality check when it comes to parenting.