By DatAss - 15/01/2016 10:56

Today, I was out grocery shopping when some pervert decided to slap my ass as they walked by. As I turned around to confront them, I saw that the culprit was a 7 or 8-year-old boy. I was so shocked, speechless and angry that I couldn't even decide how to handle the situation. FML
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Tell their parent? Or if they were alone tell them it's not okay to touch someone without their permission. Not that this advice is useful now, yknow but just in case it happens again.


Tell their parent? Or if they were alone tell them it's not okay to touch someone without their permission. Not that this advice is useful now, yknow but just in case it happens again.

at that age i wasn't even thinking about stuff like that

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#28, it might be that he just thinks butts are funny. Lots of little kids do. Or he might even be doing it BECAUSE his parents told him not to and he's a little shit. It just seems more likely to me that he's misbehaved instead of misbehaved AND perverted. At least I hope that's the case.

I've heard of boys that young even catcalling women, they see people around them doing it. In the case I remember, their father was driving a car he was hanging out of, driving slowly and cheering them on.

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Better yet, become the step parent, by any means necessary, and then you can reprimand them all you want...

Good god you people can't take a joke

I feel like since he is so young he probably associates it with humorous punishment rather than a sexual thing, not that it makes it less wrong. But my four and five year old cousins threaten 'I'll smack you on the bum! *cue giggles* if they perceive you to have been naughty, and it's just a massive joke to them. Chances are the kid doesn't quite get who is appropriate to have jokes like that with

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Probably because you aren't funny.

We can take a joke, if it's a good one.

Lime you won with any man? Best to weed out this behaviour at a young age. A slap on the hand would have been justified, especially if the kid was alone.

I don't think hitting (even a little tap) is the cure to the kid hitting her. Not to mention their parent would probably be pretty angry about that.

Yes, #4, lime won against its human opponent. It was a glorious victory and a huge step forward for limekind.

#4—I wouldn't recommend hitting other people's children.

I dont know where you are from.. but where i live in the USA hitting someone elses kid will likely end in a fight and jail. best keep your hands to yourself and speak with the parent or store employee/manager if a parent isnt available

I think in most countries any parent would flip shit if someone else, especially a stranger, touches their child.

probably, but i didnt want to assume anything

Hitting someone else's kid is definitely a Good way to wind up in the hospital or in jail.

Agreed, don't listen to all the sensitive self-proclaimed know-it-alls saying that a little slap here and there is never OK. It's most likely why they're self-entitled brats commenting here in the first place. Though hitting someone else's kid isn't a good idea. So you are wrong in this case :P. You're own kid, for sure.

You should have told him that it's not okay to do that. Just because he was young that doesn't mean you just shouldn't do anything. You should have told his parents or told him if his parents weren't there

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@6 What part of "couldn't decide how to handle the situation" didn't you understand?

If he just bumped into it it was probably an accident. But a full on slap? That little ****** knew exactly what he was doing...

Well OP that's when you just question society... or implode from rage.

Why question society? How do you even do that in the first place? You're part of it. You, I , we all ARE society.

Simple. Find the little brat's mother/father/caretaker and tell him off.

You slap him really hard up the side of his head with the back of your hand he won't do it again.

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Slapping an unknown 8 year old child might not be the best idea.... especially in public.

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TBH I probably would have smacked him upside the head just out of sheer reflex, same as I would if I had caught my own kid doing something that outrageous. And then I'd probably be charged with assaulting a kid... :(

There will always be those people that think the best way to "discipline" a child is to hit them into a coma. It doesn't make them respect you, it makes them fear and resent you. By the way, would you seriously hit an unknown 7 year old in the middle of a public place?

No you're right #25 she should of dropped kicked him. Would of been funnier.

or toss his ass into all the fruit thats all nicely placed and stacked. make that little ************ remember you jk..LOL but fr. If that kids parents were there and some random adult hit him im sure the parent would go do worse than a little tap on the ass. hitting strangers kids is never a good idea. especially if the kid was that bold imagine how bold his parents are

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@39 Are you seriously saying that anyone here implied that the child should be put into a coma? What exactly is wrong with you that you would immediately jump to that conclusion?

While its more likely the child knew what he was doing, he might have done it on accident or he might have a medical condition (ADHD/spectrum) where he's not really aware of his surroundings (maybe the intention was not sexual?)

Why is it when kids do something bad, people always blame it on ADHD?

I have ADHD, so I'll be the first to tell you that you don't have a damn clue what you're talking about. ADHD does not cause you to unaware of your arm or hand forcibly coming into contact with someone's ass.

do you mean the autism spectrum? my baby brother is on it. his case is very minor but he does have it where he doesn't understand how to act or treat people in a social setting. like he just doesn't understand where the line is for most people and it can make them very uncomfortable. but no. please at least Google the mental illness before you try to blame ones actions on it

Well, ADHD sometimes makes kids really impulsive and have trouble controlling their actions but I agree, Autism is probably what they meant and makes more sense, especially since they said spectrum. I have sometimes have trouble knowing what's appropriate social norms and the like so have said and done things that inappropriate, annoying and/or offensive without meaning to. Higher-Functioning Autism can be frustrating because it's not obvious and people think you're doing on purpose even though you're not.