By ThatHurts - 14/11/2011 00:11 - Canada

Today, I have two black eyes. The first one I got from the girl whose ass I mistakenly grabbed at a party last night. The other one I got from my girlfriend when I explained the first one. FML
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BoredomCentral 8

Oh man. That sucks. Well, you managed to piss off two people in one night. Good job.


BoredomCentral 8

Oh man. That sucks. Well, you managed to piss off two people in one night. Good job.

n_epic_fail 14

Once you get them to understand their mistake, use guilt to talk them into a threesome. The black eyes won't matter then...

And by "mistake" you mean "on purpose"

Yo dog, I herd you like mistaks so I purpously made de mistake of doing this scentance ful off mistaks witch haz no reel pourpose beisides troling.

Iamaninchworm 0

Congratulations are in order.

Guess imma be the first one to say it, were you listing to black eyed peas? :/, ah come on, I tried...

yourlifesfucked 0

If he WAS listening to the Black Eyed Peas, than he deserved to get punched in the face. They suck some major donkey ****.

plehning77 0

How the heck do u accidentally grab someones ass? Haha. YLS :P

BoredomCentral 8

He probably thought it was his girlfriend.. Or it really was an accident, in which case I want to know how that happened.

Maybe it was a line he was in, and someone pushed into him, causing him to grab the ass of the girl in front of him..? It could happen

cradle6 13

Double standard. Imagine if the genders were opposite in this fml and a male punched a girl in the face for accidentally touching him. If your life is in danger, then sure, use violence to survive, but attacking someone for something that easily could have been accidental is insane. And OP's girlfriend is an abusive bitch.

Maybe he tripped, and latched on to the nearest ass to break his fall?

^^^^ looolll latched on to the nearest ass :))

NullPointer 20

True about the double standards for sure. A girl shouldn't be able to punch a guy in the face for accidentally grabbing her ass any more than a guy should be able to punch a girl for accidentally grabbing his ass. Even if it wasn't accidental, giving someone a black eye is extreme. I really hope he left his girlfriend. I'd consider pressing charges. That isn't an appropriate response.

FYLDeep 25

I believe that's supposed to be "whose ass" and not "who's ass". I'm sure a mod is probably watching this, so I'm guessing is going to magically be corrected soon.

twinny_sc 13

Bitches must throw one hell of a punch.

I just grabbed a girls butt today by accident. She returned the favor by grabbing my crotch :S

twinny_sc 13

Try to sound cool on the Internet fail.

btstig 11

Sounds like you and your mom have a real nice relationship.

leadman1989 15

I thought you were gonna say the first time was an accident but it felt so good it was worth the second punch lol.

catseventhst 0

Wtf if I was at a party and accidentally grabbed a girls ass she would have turned around and we would have gone in a room and the rest is history....

That isn't the kinds of things I learn in my history class.

slushpup9696 12

Hey 13, you misspelled "pay attention to me".

Hey 16, You see to have mispelled "Shut the **** up, nobody cares about your fake stories."

Hey 51, you seem to have misspelled "seem."

stacianichole 2

Are you from Windsor, PA? Nothing good comes out of that town.

Lol 61, that's funny, I live 5 minutes outside of that shithole of a town.