By knobbed - 27/01/2014 23:09 - United Kingdom - Milton Keynes

Today, I got a black eye while trying to break up a fight caused by some complete bastard making a "yo momma" joke at the funeral of my best friend's mother. FML
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Should of told him " that'll be you in the coffin if you don't shut up"


OP deserved to get a black eye. If your mother died and someone disrespected her at her own funeral, they deserve to get beat up.

Good for you OP, for defending your best friend. How wildly inappropriate. Give the douche one back.

OP wasn't the one who made the joke unless he was speaking about himself in third person and broke up his own fight.

Hey 22, OP WASNT THE ONE MAKING THE JOKE! He was trying to defend his friend, who was mad at another guy for making a joke.

He didnt defend anything... he just broke up a fight.

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I honestly would like to know OP deserved this....

I think what 22 is saying, is that op should let the guy who made the joke get beat up. Still, OP never said his friend was winning, and you don't want it to get so bad that the cops arrive. But I don't think that 22 was trying to say op made the joke.

Yeah the guy deserved to get his ass kicked, but I can understand why he broke up the fight. Them being at a funeral and all.

I hope they kicked the douchebag out . That's just so disrespectful . Know the time and place!

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#62 I knew at least one person would say it...

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Should of told him " that'll be you in the coffin if you don't shut up"

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Where do those type of people even come from?

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They're the offspring of people who type "Fake" as their only comment...

lol @ the guy named omgbrainz writing "should of" instead of "should have" .

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Lol @ the douche who just had to make it seem like it mattered. It's a common mistake, bro. Let it go.

The other guy deserves the black eye not you OP . FYL indeed .

The other guy deserves to be in the coffin instead

No he deserves to be roped to a chair with his eyes pried open with a TV in front of him that displays the entire volume of High School Musical on repeat. One hour of that and you'd be begging for a hara-kiri sword too....

Hey! High School Musical is a great movie #92.

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@118 Justin Bieber is a great singer, too.

Slow down there satan & tartarus it was only a douche yo momma joke i think justin bieber for i say 15 mins will do him in

Okay since the grammar police are on parol i ment to say. slow down there Satan and Tartarus, it was only a douchey guy saying a yo momma joke. I think 15 mins of justin bieber (idk add some more singers that well aren't that grande into the mix. Why not!) and that will do him in!

Oh man, that's bad, sorry OP. Good for you that you stepped in though.

I don't know, I think helping beat up the insensitive bastard would've been a better choice than breaking it up. It does suck though, hope the idiot came off worse!

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I would agree with you 45 but nobody would want it to escalate to the point where the police get involved

Wellnif the police gets involved OP's friend's family are a nice set of witnesses statimg that the other dude was going berserk and they had to restrain him!

It'd be hard to prove if they couldn't find the body...

#45 I agree that beating the guy up would be something that I would do too, but after the funeral, not during. Beating someone up during a funeral is in poor taste imo.

Yo momma so fat, we had to bury her 12 feet under.

To soon. There are times when jokes aren't not appropriate, in my opinion. This is one of them.

So you're the bastard who said the joke at the funeral

"TO" soon? "Aren't not" appropriate? Wtf dude? lol

Just. Get your things, and leave. Now

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hamzor, don't insult the Bastard family like that. Doc will certainly not appreciate it

You're a douche for that. There's a special place in hell for people like you.

OT, but I just choked on #72s username :,D

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that was honestly cruel of the person

That's ****** up, wear that black eye with pride you got it while doing the right thing.

What an ass. Hopefully he got kicked out. Sorry OP.

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I wonder what that person thought he had to gain from making that awful joke. I'm sure that funerals aren't supposed to be a barrel of laughs.

Mine will be... I'm going to plan it like you would a party just to make sure.

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I dont think a "your mama" joke is even appropriate at a funeral planned like a party. Especially if the deceased is a mother and her children are there. Thats just disrespectful.