By skidmark - 08/12/2011 14:48 - United States

Today, while standing completely still at Walmart, I was hit by a drunk man on a Jazzy Scooter. He laughed, said it was an accident, gunned the scooter and took out two more people. FML
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Heeeerroin 5

Honestly thought it said Jizzy...

I'd expect nothing less from walmart shoppers.


Heeeerroin 5

Honestly thought it said Jizzy...

i_amthe_walrus 0

What a peculiar old man. I want to be just like him when I grow old.

I used to be a happy walmart shopper. And then I took a scooter in the knee.

If he was holding a bagged 40oz it would complete my mental picture

Damn_Hippster 11

Why didn't you get out of the way? How hard is it to hear a scooter approaching you?

SpruceDread4578 13

Cause, baby, it just got back from the jaazz club.

mrmystery96 0

The old man must read questionable content.

I'd expect nothing less from walmart shoppers.

bballsoccerrocks 7

Or he wasn't using his hands to drive because he was busy doing jazz hands on his jazzy scooter! Haha.... -_-

yumlicious 4

I've never been in a Walmart. Always hear funny/horror stories from Walmart shoppers. Maybe I should venture in there sometime.

jwade11 12

I would of probably got pissed at first but then after watching him run over other people I'd probably laugh. Once I realized it wasn't just me and he was just running over everyone it would make it funny..

Obnoxious MW3 (possibly bf3 fanboy) basher strikes again. -From your local BF3 player.

Damn you BF3 fanboys and you're improving games with better graphics!!!

I just wanted to make someone laugh I dent know you get hated on for nothing. :(

Torva_fml 16

56- it's not funny if it's overused, and half the people don't care.

The_Troller 14

**** BF3 and all of it's fancy graphics and dedicated servers and cool guns. I've got pokemon!

Oh yeah? Well I've got snake on my Nokia 32 10!

rexgar2000 10

yeah lets sue and old man that is trying to have fun before his last days. heartless much?

6- you're probably one of the stupid bitches that sues for "mental anguish" after a car accident or some other minor accident.

Yeah suing someone is always the way to go. You better hope not if you want to be a dentist. Those medical malpractice suits add up quick.

Old people on scooters can get away with anything. I saw one at Target grab a girl's butt and say that he "was reaching for an item" in the middle of the aisle. I guess there has to be an advantage of being old.

he was reaching for an item just not the kind thats for sale at least not in target

Have you been to the outside of Target in NYC? EVERYTHING'S for sale there. haha. Maybe he thought he was in NYC.

He's having fun in his little scooter of doom ;D

"gunned the scooter" did he modify the engine on that thing or something? cuz those things go like 4 mph

He could have reached in the little opening near the motor and held the governor off so it would go like 10mph lol

braceletsandhell 7

I would have gotten on a scooter and chased after him (:

Reminds me of the Psych episode where Gus is complaining about the possibility of being run over by the Haunted House car ride that goes 5 mph. =P