By Anonymous - 11/10/2009 04:48 - United States

Today, I had a UTI and the doctor said the medicine can sometimes make you leak a little. "Leak a little" apparently translates into peeing all over myself, my boyfriend, and his bed while we were sleeping. The doctor also said this medicine can stain your urine a beautiful, bright orange color. FML
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AndelleRae 9

That is highly unfortunate. But hey, at least you've got raver urine!! :D


AndelleRae 9

That is highly unfortunate. But hey, at least you've got raver urine!! :D

yeah... uti's aren't fun. it turned my pee into an extremely neon glow in the ******* dark orange... which yes, definitely stains like red wine on white carpet WITHOUT being able to use oxyclean or the power of orange shit or a shamwow... but sorry about taht :( could never wish a uti on someone else... getting a catheter to allow you to pee while having one doesn't feel too pleasant either... espeically being a guy :(

Just add a pacifier, some strobe lights and some tragic happy hardcore and you've got yourself a partay!

lol you forgot the glow sticks... can't have a party without glow sticks :P

Remember not to break your glow stick this time.

HEY! that was one time! and the glow in the dark stuff is almost gone!

aslate 0

same thng i had w/ a uti, thgh not with "leakage".....

Um, In the UK we have medicine for UIT's that don't make you leak OR turn your pee a weird colour. You just take one a day for three days and it's gone. I feel for all you Americans that have to not only live with a UTI for a while, but have to worry about leaking and luminous pee :/

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is it just me or do fml's with common themes come in waves? was there not a post about someone leaking piss a week or two ago?

I'd dump your ass so fast for peeing on me. After returning the favor...

Mirequetz 6

Ugh, I've had to take a pill that did that due to a UTI. It was a tiny purple pill and was told that my urine would be fluorescent orange. Even though I was told, I was still shocked to see it lol. He told me to wear "dark underwear" just in case, because it stains. Luckily I didn't leak >.>

The pill they are talking about is for pain, they are likely taking another which is an antibiotic to kill infection.

llZombiell 5

I know Azo will discolor your urine but I didn't think the antibiotic did. Have a uti at the moment and the pills the doctor gave me doesnt turn urine orange and doesn't cause leaking.

nice to finally have an excuse to be lazy huh... nasty much?

Eww. Your doctor should have been more specific. I suggest a heap of stain remover. Paying your boyfriend back in sexual favours would go down well too :P

Well actually maybe they would be in her current state. Unless you get off on the smell of urine...

Haha so true! Although it doesn't sound too comfortable.

well... sex in the shower sounds suitable, that way you don't have to worry about it getting bad again, just keep the water running... nice, hot, steamy shower sex... :D how's your sunday morning btw? >.

Well it is actually Sunday night here, but my morning was good :) You?

haha, it said like 7:30 am for a time stamp so i thought it was morning, but so far mine's been pretty good... only been morning for a good 4 hours and 45 mins, but still good!

Ligerie 0

Well I don't think doing any physical activity while having a uti is very fun. Shower no shower its not pleasant. =[

Haha and you're awake?? Good on you, fellow nocturnal one :P As for the time stamp, add 12 hours to it and it will be correct.

LOL will do :D and i am nocturnal, but only when i don't have stuff to do the next day :P sent you a message too btw. and as fate would have it, i have stuff to do tomorrow, so i'm actually heading off to bed, but good night/evening/morning/afternoon/your-time-of-day-here________!!!

Haha by tomorrow I'm guessing you mean today since it's what, 5am where you are? Yeah I got the message, and replied! But you've gone to bed. D: Good...dawn? haha night :)

Hey redbluegreen and PandaPandaPandaX there's this thing called private messaging.

Nitrofurantoin? - one of those? Furadantin, Macrobid, Macrodantin, Nitro Macro and Urantoin. Also bear in mind it sounds like your side effect is pretty severe oh and stress incontinence/nocturnal enuresis are both common with UTI's anyways so it might not have just been the drugs. Does suck, next time ask for Augmentin/Co-amoxiclav/Amoxacillin and Clavulanic Acid. Now that's a spicey antibiotic!

lol unless she were allergic to all of those like i am :P but if it's painful, she could've been given a prescription uristat or whatever it's called where you live to ease the pain, which is what gave me the neon glow in the dark orange pee :P

palmtrees 1

Actually, Amoxicillin is known for causing yeast infections rather frequently so I wouldn't think they'd prescribe it for a UTI - she already has problems down there, doesn't need a yeast infection too. Metronidazole is usually effective though and lacks the side effects of whatever they gave her.

technicality09 0

nitrofuratoin is better-suited for UTI's. amoxicillin and/or augmentin are for respiratory/auditory infections, strep, and the like, so if she asks for any of those, she'll have the UTI for a lot longer than she should (i work in a pharmacy).

Hahahahaha the wonders of rifampicin. Try not to cry, your tears will also be orange...

Wait, are you serious?? You could do some awesome stuff OP! Too bad it's not red, you could claim your tears are blood...

yeah its one of the well known side effects of rifampicin - some people say it makes your 'fluids' orange, other people say it goes red. must depend on the person, i wouldnt want to try it though!

hows this FML, its suppose to be a FHL cause your boyfriend got sprayed with your pee. ewww youre nasty!!

You're lucky Halloween is coming up, now instead of giving your boyfriend Golden Showers, you can call them "Pumpkin Showers." Pretty cute, huh? I hope this clears up before Christmas, red and green emissions would just be disgusting.

they have stuff like that here too, it's just not common knowledge. OP, check your local health food/vitamin stores for d-mannose. it's a natural sugar that sticks to the walls of your urethra, preventing the bacteria from doing so and allowing you to pee it all out. it doesn't turn your pee colors or make you wet yourself, and the UTI will be gone in a day or two. EDIT: wth, this is supposed to be a reply to #44.