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Today, I went to my friend's house to give him some moral support as he came out of the closet to his family. I left with a black eye. FML
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It's a sad day when you get a black eye for being a decent human being.


@11 "love thy neighbor" it doesn't mean pick and choose which one gets love. It means love those around you no matter their a race gender or sexuality. Let God deal with them when they die because right now we're living in hell and need each other to not be spiteful.

Go play golf instead of making stupid comments #11. Ignorance should be a sin!

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No no no stop no no no stop

Even if it is a sin, it's not for us to judge. Don't pick which parts of the Bible you choose to follow.

He didn't say he hated him, he just said it was a sin. Everyone just want to jump right on Christians. God will judge us all in the end.

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Who have you a black eye?...

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If the letters are right next to each other on the keyboard, the idiot is not the one making the mistake but the one pointing it out.

Besides, maybe it's just my phone but every goddamn time I type gave it autocorrects to have. I have tried everything. I even just had to pause for a second when typing that last 'gave' and the one just now in order to hit the x for the autocorrect to not go through. Even if I type it correctly, it still changes it.

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You did the right thing for your friend

I agree, and sometimes people don't appreciate the kind things we do for them, although maybe it was the parents. Sorry OP, hope the bruising goes down pretty fast.

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At least he was STRAIGHT to the point... Get it? No? Okay :/

Come on man there are enough tragically lame puns on FML just cut it out already

if OP left with a black eye, imagine what the person who was actually coming out went through...

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What on earth did you say to him?

It could have been his friend's family that gave him the black eye. Although it doesn't specify so maybe we'll never know. :/

It was obviously the family.. Someone thought when his friend was coming out that he was his gay lover and they punched him. Who in the family we'll never know but it was clearly someone in the family. What I just explained is what the FML was implying.

um 50, although you COULD be right, you just assumed your idea was fact. the friends family COULD have gotten worked up and op just tried to step in to break it up

Or not. I'm pretty sure i'm right. No, actually I'm a million percent positive I'm right.

Well FML IS WRONG. I'm really passionate about this. Seriously. You're all just stupid for not getting it.

#92 don't get all jealous because you weren't smart enough to understand the FML.

93...people like you are the reason why "report abuse" buttons were invented...

I just reported your comment as abuse. So suck it.

Obviously nothing bad.. He said he was there for moral support.. Read much?

His friend's family probably assumed the they were dating since he stood by their son's side as he broke the news. And then punched him because they thought they were dating.

It's a sad day when you get a black eye for being a decent human being.

No good deed goes unpunished, it seems.

I hate this expression! It makes some people feel that they shouldn't even bother to try to do what's right because they don't get the acknowledgement they feel they deserve. Knowing you're doing what's right should be enough of a reward to yourself-- regardless of the outcome.

More often then not on here a good deed is followed up by violence, harassment, arrests, and or general ****** up behavior...regardless if the op was looking for acknowledgement of the good deed or not....So I think the saying is warranted on here.

If you'd be rewarded for being a good person, everybody would be a good person.

#69 because it's on FML.. a site made specifically for stories of things gone wrong. They aren't going to have happy endings and that saying is extremely pessimistic and does give a sense of uselessness to good deeds. However this is not a site I'd look to for positive results.

What a terrible family, you should press charges.

Nowhere does it say that one of the family members gave him the black eye

Nor does it say what his friend was trying to "come out" with... and I'd really like to know.

#32 - they dont need to specify to context of coming out, obviously they are gay..

Could have come out as a closeted atheist.

35 - Likewise, it is implied in the FML that someone in his friend's family gave him the black eye. It doesn't need to be spelled out. Who else would've given it to him?

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#32 "Mom... Dad.... I'm Grandpa." "Mom... Dad... I'm dog." "Mom... Mom.... I'm dad." "Lizard... Monkey... I'm human." He has a point. There are a lot of things he could have came out as

The expression "Coming out of the closet" means to finally let it known that you're gay. It has no other meaning.

Unless you're R. Kelly and finally got out of the closet.

I agree with you 46, however the phrase only has that community meeting because we've given it. Coming out as gay is, for lack of a better phrasing, the most publicized. With that being said it is entirely possible for a person belonging to a family of a strict religious sect to come out as believing something different. In both cases the one "coming out of the closet" (which means you've been hiding your true self) faces scrutiny and being ostracized by their family. In this fml context it is fair to assume the friend was coming out as gay but untrue to assume the phrase has no other purpose.

#91 Exactly. I've had many atheist friends use "coming out of the closet" it's not just a gay thing and trust me some parents would easily give their friend the assumed "converter" a black eye. That being said I guess it's obvious OP's friend was gay in this context.

the friend could be coming out as bisexual, pansexual, ace, transgender...?

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I think we need to know who gave you the black eye!

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You're obviously assuming this, when really it's up to anyone's interpretation. Unless you were there or the OP fills us in, no one knows for sure. No need to be "appalled".

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stop being so full of yourself 54. it can also be taken that the family got into a fight and op got in the middle to protect his friend. im not saying your idea isnt right, its a good possibility, but stating it at a fact when OBVIOUSLY many people are taking it differnt ways , so stop being so stuck up when there are more ways to interpret something, and they are just as plausable as your scenario.

Maybe his friend was so angry or so frustrated he punched OP... sometimes people can't manage their feelings and end up hurting others.

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I even have a fourth option for your narrow little mind to consider, #54. Maybe no one thought he was his friend's lover, and maybe he didn't even break up a fight. It's just as possible that his friends family is actually horrible enough to punch their son's friend for supporting him in his sexuality. Those kind of people sadly do exist. All in all, all we know is that OP's friend's family has at least one asshole in it.

ORRR... Maybe OP went to his friend's house, his friend came out, the family embraced him and everything went very smoothly. Then OP fell and hit his eye on the corner of the coffee table and left with a black eye. Did you think of that?

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Although I have the same idea, that the family assumed, I'm thumbing you down for being an arrogant little bitch. In any case, that still doesn't narrow down WHICH family member gave him the black eye.

#54, It is physically IMPOSSIBLE to be certain about something that has to be interpreted. Why? Because its an INTERPRETATION. That means that your idea of what happened might not be the same as someone else's, and unless you were there, understood the situation from everyone's point of view, or knew the exact circumstances (WITHOUT assuming,) then don't come yelling at the rest of the FML community about how we are wrong about our opinions and ideas. FYL, OP.

Yes OP, please follow up, preferably proving 51's "100% positive" interpretation wrong, Of course then she'd probably just say that you were lying or something. It would be nice to know exactly what went down though

maybe his friend opened the closet door a little too enthusiastically

Nope. You're all wrong. You just didn't understand the FML. It's completely clear what happened.

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You are so ignorant it's funny. No own is completely disagreeing with your theory because it is A possibility, but it isn't the ONLY possibility.

I think it's quite clear that the Coming Out Unicorn burst through the closet door too fast and poked OP in the eye with it's horn. It's the only answer.

You know what? try this one, magee: Today I went to my grand parents house for a family reunion. I left with a black eye, FML. What happened to me? Tell me with your "100% certain" interpretation.

#115.. I love that.. really made me laugh

I'm sorry that had to happen to you and your friend OP. I hope things settle.

Well tell him to aim his member lower, the mouth is below the nose not above. ;) Just kidding, you're a good friend but we need a follow up on what happened.

Guess they thought you were his gay lover

dont know why your so downvoted, its a possibility..

if I was Op even if I wasn't his lover I'd pretend to be in front of the family to make him feel a little more safe, unless he asked me not to

103 - i dont think that would help..