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  nidawi  |  0

Really? I'm not a fan of Justin, but I'm tired of seeing everybody hate on him just for the fun of it. He's a human being, and he deserves respect even if you don't like his music or think his voice is too high or that he's gay. I will respect him. He just turned 17, he's still a kid! Give him a break and let him make music because that's what makes him happy.

  epyk_pryncess  |  8

there's nothing wrong with A cups. just remember, all the girls you think are "hot" for having big tits... are gonna have saggy bags later in life. while us smaller chicks will be perfectly content. thank you. :))


I agree with 79. There's nothing wrong with A cups. What if there is a really hot chick with a nice, tight body and ass, but with A cups in front of you, would you think "Yeah, I'd tap that."?

My honest opinion even as a boobs kind of guy, I'd go for her.

By  fatalkiss  |  0

She's old, in her day guys probably looked a lot different than today (style, clothes, hair, etc). & same with girls. So if you have a pixie cut & was wearing a Tshirt, she just assumed you were a guy without really paying attention (plus her vision probably isn't that great).