By in pain - 15/03/2011 22:57

Today, I got into a bad car accident, where I got severe whiplash, swollen knees, and cuts everywhere. I called my boss to let him know I wouldn't be able to make it in and he fired me for being 'not dependable'. FML
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A termination in this kind of circumstance generally only happens if the boss is a complete and total misanthrope (not likely) or if you have a spotty record of dependability and this was the final "straw" (most likely).

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Yeah, OP is obviously a horrible employee (and a whiner to boot). Bosses only do this to people they are waiting for an excuse to fire.

Quit feeling sorry for yourself, a girl from my hometown was killed in a car accident yesterday. Yeah, suck on that dipstick.

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Yep. an employer likely wouldn't do that if there wasn't a past history.

yes because sueing fixes everything... you are stupid. you would not win a lawsuit for being fired.

suing doesnt fix things but..CAAMOON!! easy money ;)

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@121: it's called wrongful termination and OP definitely has grounds to sue

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I'm guessing this isn't the first time you have missed work if your boss fired you for that.

Not always true, I had a serious heart problem and went to hospital. My boss said the same thing, I didn't slack off at all, she was just a bitch.

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it's unfair and charges could be pressed

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well good luck with that. just about all states an employer can fire you for whatever they like. they just aren't suppose to discriminate with sex, race, and other related issues. even then it's hard to prove, cause your word against theirs.

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Well, #43, In that case your boss was just a jerk. This makes me angry people would do that.

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I saw get a new car and run over your boss he's a dummy.

a dummy calling a dummy a dummy. hmm..

hmm, get a new car with no job and run over your boss? this is probably one of the stupidest statements I've read besides people whom ghetto type and spell, dummy ha

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maybe you shouldn't crash next time

Hmm maybe the accident was not his fault.

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either way she should not have wrecked

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what a douche. maybe it's time for a new job with a better boss

more likely he fired you because of your amazing grammar

I was totally thinking that. This is worded very poorly.

Was this modded since you both posted this? It appears pretty clear to me! Only change I would make would be to change "I got severe whiplash" to "which caused severe whiplash"...

i think he means 'not dependant' which translates to independant. i think he actually meant reliable though...

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I have nothing to say other than fyl and sue him