By Shodan2112 - 18/02/2011 15:25 - United States

Today, as I go to a small private Christian college, the academic dean came up to me and asked me to put some old records on CD, since I have a record player that can do that. I had to listen to eight records of old students from the 1970's singing bible thumper Christian hippie music. FML
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dudeitsdanny 9

1. Why go to school there when it seems like you disagree with their views? 2. Why did you do it? He couldn't force you, could he? 3. No volume control? I don't know about record players, but if they do have one, that could have been easily fixed.

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That's what you get for going to bible thumper school.

UpsidedownKayak 9

Seriously, OP, what did you think the dean from a private Christian college was going to have?

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I was just coming to post this exact comment.

Exactly, that's why I've applied to some schools in the UC system and UW. Go Bears, Bruins, and Huskies1

hatepineapple 14

@14, I know fully grown, adult Christian men that enjoy listening to Megadeth and Disturbed. -1 for stereotypes.

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Lol.. Funniest comment award winner!!!

don't mock the side hug man

yay, now to find a spoon and take your ears out...

coffee_enima 0

you don't want to get ahead in life? you could be be trading bj's for good grades. would you rather that?

like your pic?

NickK49 0

Oh my lord, how in god's name will you ever recover?

lol I love your pic

Did u at least get extra credit? If not I'm sorry but you're an idiot... A reallly nice idiot

If I had to do that, I'd have to wash my ears out with my favorite bands for hours. FYL

Youre still a child. what do you know.

what use is the marginalization of children here? what difference does his age make? do you now have to be of a certain age to comment?

Some old music is pretty good. So, I wouldn't complain if I was you.

some yes, but not the old music they're talking about

atomheartm_fml 0

Chistian hippies are not hippies. Therefore their 70's music is no 70's music. And YDI for being in a christian college

hippies are from the sixties. ad hippie music is AWESOME

well I agree with the the him all oldies suck so i would have refused to do it no matter who asked me

boatkicker 4

I changed my mind. This isn't a comment anymore

they do make a cancel button for just that purpose.

boatkicker 4

It was already posted when I decided I didn't want it there anymore. Shame on me for impulse-posting, I know.

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