By brokennose - United States
Today, I was at the bar and my friend and I were making fun of this guy wearing a Affliction muscle tee and bedazzled Ed Hardy hat. We were saying how he was the epitome of a douche bag and that he probably likes UFC. Turns out he's an MMA fighter and I now have a broken nose. FML
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Actually, by breaking the OP's nose, the guy proved that he is, in fact, an insecure self-righteous douchebag, just like his clothing options imply. Someone who didn't have the need to prove himself to complete strangers would just ignore the OP or tell him to fuck off.

  kukopia  |  0

OP was owned.
The douche was looking for an excuse to wail on someone, to the point of dressing to evoke negative comments.
But, if the OP got his name, he could get the douche barred from MMA events. But he'd better hide for a while if he does...

  Ox_Baker  |  0

I've been following MMA since before the first UFC, and I've been covering it since UFC 36. I can unequivocally state that every MMA fighter who ever lived is a douche bag. Yeah, you got a broke nose. Guess what? Douche bags do that.

  Banana_Ana17  |  0

My boyfriend is an MMA fighter. He thinks he's a douchebag. He's not, he's just honest. People generally only think he's a douchebag because he's honest, and they can't do anything about it because he could kick their ass. lol


I'd love to see you last in south orange county I go to like one of the richest schools in oc those types of guys are everywhere and ya that was totaly your fault talk shit get hit

  Nick93  |  0

Not all UFC or MMA fighters are douche bags. people like Randy couture and chuck Liddell are cool, and there not the only ones. All the real, good fighters are generally humble, respectful and focused people.