By CA19oo - 20/03/2012 01:03 - United States - Buford

Today, I found out what it feels like to get hit in the head with a bat. Not the wooden kind though. The one that bites and claws you when it gets stuck in your hair. FML
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Sometimes I wonder what lead to these kind of FML's...


Sometimes I wonder what lead to these kind of FML's...

lilikawaii 6

That's what I was thinking. Where were you, OP? I wouldn't want to mistakenly go there. :)

MatheusRajuidas 5

Caves in forests. Just saying.

Sometimes there could be a bat in his house that he didnt want to have in his house and tried to get it out... That is where it went wrong

I live in Ohio in the hills and if you go out at night in season there's bats all over. I've had them fly into my car before when I left the windows down.

I've been hit in the face by one. Around my house they are quite docile. They're everywhere though.

I thought it was going to say "but with a aluminum one." it took me a minute to figure it all out.

I accidentally hit myself in the head with an aluminum bat one time.

Well, in my opinion... Let's say she and her boyfriend were... Well, uh... If you've ever seen Scary Movie one, just think of it as a bat popping out. And instead of the, the guys the *pardon my grammar* noob.

TheElderTROLLZ 15

69 - Your comment is the "lucky" number! (lucky as in getting some sex...)

Tomorrow, you will receive rabies shots from today's FML. FYL

JJambiya21 0

I don't understand why people would put a YDI for this, how the hell is this op's fault?

114 - You're legitimately retarded.

KhrystallDaBest 15

138- They could have accidentally pressed it.

nofearjenshere 12

After I read, "not by a wooden one," I thought to myself, "oh, a metal one?" then I read the rest of the FML.

I speed read it and thought it got stuck in her hair, so I had one with spikes or something. Thank God it was the animal

I also thought metal bat. I was like OMG ARE YOU DIEDED?

bizarre_ftw 21

I was an inch from writing "that's how I got my first black eye when I was ~8!!!" then I read the rest.... Kinda glad I did it in that order

LunaDragon 10

What did you hurt your brain writing out that extremely intelligent comment?

31- Hey, go easy on the birdie! They arent very intelligent animals.

shanemaximo 7

Damn, that's rabies for sure.

breeY0 7

oh gosh, I would have been running in circles screaming like a maniac if I was you.

MatheusRajuidas 5

If I saw someone running around and screaming like a maniac I'd hit them with a bat. You know, not the wooden ones, the metallic.

Ok, ok, they made a few grammatic errors, but I still agree with the first person to reply ;)

That fail moment when a grammar nazi tries to correct someone and their grammatically incorect.

MatheusRajuidas 5

#126 They're* grammatically incorrect*. LOL HONK :o)

Oh, I thought OP was talking about my mom. We're you dating her?

bizarre_ftw 21

Wait wait wait!!! Uncle roseXthorns?!

Bats are scared of people, well, most of them. I think you caused its attack. :/

Or it isn't Op's fault and he had a rabid bat hit him?

bizarre_ftw 21

Or it was neither the bat nor the op's fault and there's some psychopath out there with a catapult and access to air challenged bats that bite

FmaFangirl 9

This sounds.... Very painful. You okay? :[