By Anonymous - 30/07/2011 09:26 - Canada

Today, as I was taking the bus home, I sat down next to a man wearing an FML shirt. While snickering I said to him "You totally deserved it." I guess he thought that comment deserved a broken nose. FML
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You totally deserve it.

Geese some people can't take a joke


That sux but "you totally deserved it". Try that sucks for you next time, jerk.

serves you right.

flockz 19

i wonder what would of happened if he told him "wow your life sucks"...

I want him to comment on this FML. it'd make my year.

Damn right. That would be hilarious!

xosportsgirl14x 8

*I agree, your life sucks.

29- I know but that would be a bit to random.

santarosakid 5

what do you expect for acting like a troll

flockz 19

he isn't agreeing with anyone... thats why i said "wow"...

Hahahahaha I wish I was there with some popcorn

TheChampagneBoi 5

that would be hilarious lol

xosportsgirl14x 8

33, I was talking to 17. :)

NastyNinja31 0

ooo so that was u op

op was obviously kidding... wow calm down.

Yoyolol_fml 3

Do him for assault.

can anyone elce see the " you totally deserved it" button is gone or is this just me?

haha and the bitch gets it

For me it just says "you deserved it"

Yo dude the guy wearing the FML shirt was me

how come #1 has been downrated by 110 while number has got 310 positive ratings when they say almost the exact same thing?

ddeathbombb 5

36- wow nice pic

brah89 0


You totally deserve it.

reallytho3 11

careful u might end up gettin punxhed in the nose :p

3: I like your pic of Konan. Where did you find it?

swimchica22 0

*punches in nose*

*punches 76 in ovaries*

ramboman19 8

The tables turned for

Roughly 4 out of 5 voters are on the broken nose hit list, according to the FYL/YDI ratio.

I like your new picture YacL :)

Glitterhinoceros 14

90-Ovary-kill > Overkill

anyone who has the ovals to wear fml merchandise in public is not someone who will think twice about fucking you up

BabbiiLovvee 0

90: lmao!! U made me laugh :>

OLB42pr 2

haha u do derserve it da

swimchica22 0

90-*kicks in testicles*

xXDirtySanchezXx 0

Haha that would be great

I fail to see how OP deserves this. It's not his/her fault that the other person can't take a joke.

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I guess his life is F'ed up more than anyone knows.

you deserve it for saying you deserve it. irony at its finest...

AaronTkr 0

the guy should comment on this fml.

you totally deserved it

you totally deserved the thumbs down

Yeah! Way to show'em

you totally deserved it

threer 30


Geese some people can't take a joke

I hope you dont Egret that sentence.

I disagree, I joke around with geese all the time and they're cool with it

Cmfh: hahahaha lol

Aww come on! Stop being such a Chicken! Don't Duck out of the pun!

iLOLatURpain69 7

Pel, I can understand your puns.

Squirrelx 5

I see what you did there.

Nice profile pic. Dirty dozen rules!

That's meant for 13.

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welandedonthemoo 5


XScarlet 4


KiddNYC1O 20


He isn't a true FMLer, and "you total deserve it" isn't a comment, it's a vote.

That coming from a troll-face. Win.

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If I gave you all the shits I actually give, you would have no shits. Just sayin.