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Today, I was at a party. A guy kept looking at me, so I tried to strike up a conversation with him. I realized he was drunk when he slurred, "Ya know, you're the only girl I've met that's fat AND flat chested!" There goes my self-esteem. FML
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Insults are like an ocean and your body is like a ship. You can't sink unless you choose to let the water inside you.

Some people are just assholes. Sorry OP, don't let it get to you


Insults are like an ocean and your body is like a ship. You can't sink unless you choose to let the water inside you.

Or you get a little too close to shore and run up on some rocks. Or ice. There are a lot of ways to accidentally sink a ship.

I don't understand the thought behind things like this. I've been insulted and put down my whole life, don't you think I've tried to not listen? The person who did a lot of it is who I first heard the theory from. "It's self esteem only you control it" no, if I'm put down I don't have the confidence TO ignore it and it just gets lower. It seems a little like victim blaming to me. "I know the other person is who said it but it's your fault if you let it get to you"

The thought process behind just not letting it get to you tends to come from people who actually don't let things get to them, myself included. I personally don't care what anybody besides a select few think of me. So when I'm insulted or put down i simply laugh it off and tell them it was a nice try or jokingly make fun of them back. Some people care too much about what others think of them so they can't ignore insults and put downs.

To #12 and #13 - This thought process can be learned with training. I believe even the most difficult problems and mindsets can truly be mind over matter at the simplest level. Sure, it's extremely difficult. Sure, it takes time. You can't go from no confidence to suddenly having a lot of confidence. It doesn't work that way. You don't just flip a switch over night. It takes experience, reflection, and a lot of personal growth. And it's not an easy journey. But it's worth it once you're there.

Titanic: "Oh look an iceberg!" *crashes* "Yes, fill me up sweet ocean so I way sink to your depths!" You make about as much sense as that.

It's a lot harder than it looks, though. I've gotten insults over numerous parts of my body, and I've only become more confident in some of them. I'm happy with my big nose, bushy eyebrows, and slight cleft chin (I got crap for those when I was fourteen-ish; I'm 21 now, so I've grown into them), but any comment about my weight would really hurt because I'm still sensitive about that. Even though I'm more confident in my appearance now than I used to be, it was a process and still is. You don't just snap your fingers and become more confident and thick-skinned.

lol, the first time I read it, I thought u said that her body was the size of a ship

Your username should be MrConfucious because of your wise insights.

damn straight, apparently her body IS a ship

Some people are just assholes. Sorry OP, don't let it get to you

MikaykayUnicorn 36

I have been called flat chested even though I have DDDs. I've been called fat even though I wouldn't call myself than and have been told that no one could ever love my fat body even though I love my stomach fat and my chunky thighs. I love my chubby cheeks and neck chub that comes from having an enlarged thyroid. Some people just spew out bullshit to try to offend you. Even if you are an A cup and have stomach fat, that's perfectly fine. Your body is amazing as long as you are keeping yourself healthy. Every body type is beautiful. It took me a long time to love myself and I hope that someday you can love your body even when other people try to put you down. Your body is beautiful. Love yourself.

I feel you, OP. I'm not incredibly flat but definitely not proportionate to my fatness lol.

JocieM 9

same here im fat but as a guy im taller than i am round

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I bet he doesn't have any self esteem and he insults others so they stoop to his level and he uses that to make him feel good about himself. Doesn't help that he's drunk either. Imagine what he's like sober. Oh god. No. Don't.

sempisaviour 17

Remember: a drunk man's words are a sober man's thoughts.

And a drunk man's thoughts are later a toilet's contents.

I mean I don't think it really has anything to do with his self-esteem.

I mean I don't think it really has anything to do with his self-esteem.

Don't let it get to you, OP. You're beautiful the way you are. :)

tarlax 11

Huh, your bio... "Victoria Trad goth with a pinch of lolitagoth and cybergoth. Also a furry : fursona: izzy a large tolype moth/panda bat hybrid. Also a lunar pagan witch. i have a pet tarantula named Juyea." With a profile like that, are you really in any position to be oh-so-subtly mocking other people's lifestyles?

@14 yeah I definitely am since all my things are actually good and healthy

With a bio like that, you should keep your mouth ******* shut, sweetie.

A goth AND a furry! I'd say that your life is ******, not op's

All my things are good and healthy, you're a fool if you think theres anything bad or unhealthy about being goth, furry or a witch.

I mean you might be healthy but practicing "pagan rituals" thinking yourself to be a witch, and being a furry make you an extremely weird and psychotic person.

You are the kind of person that makes me sad to be from Alberta.

There's nothing weird or psychotic about being a witch or a furry. Not a bitch

Yeah, there's surely nothing wrong with identifying as a hybrid panda bat and attempting to summon the spirits of hell because you're pretending to be a witch. Grow the **** up, you're a legal adult for ***** sake.

That's not what a furry is and witches don't even believe in hell. Grow up.

CoffeeChickBlows 13

As someone who does know what lunar paganism and furries are all about, let me just say that yeah, you are an idiot and you do need to grow up. Nothing more pathetic than someone who chooses stuff like wicca and paganism. At least most mainstream religious people have the excuse that they were brainwashed into it as children. Pretty much everything these people are telling you is so true. And you deserve every last word of it for being such an unrepentant bitch to the OP. Maybe now you realize how it feels to be attacked for a choice you make that doesn't hurt anyone else. But something tells me you'll continue to be a shameless ******** to people in life and not even have the decency to admit it.

The fact that you say that proves you don't actually know what they are. Paganism is a great and good religion. I'm already grown up, I'm not an idiot and I'm the one speaking the truth here

CoffeeChickBlows 13

Sounds like what pretty much every religion has ever falsely claimed. And it doesn't matter how good it may or may not be, rationally speaking you're an idiot for believing in magic and all the rest of it. And as a final point before I stop wasting time on you: even if the religion is good, you sure as hell aren't. You're just another edgelord desperately trying to feel superior by attacking people unprovoked then crying like a baby when you get the same treatment. So yeah, grow up.

Some one doesn't understand what magic is in witchcraft. I'm not attacking, I'm pointing out that op should take the hint and get healthy. I'm pretty damn good

You must be a special kind of stupid.

The fact that you're a 21 year old conceited little bitch, and also someone who believes in having an alter personality that's a ******* moth panda-bat, pretty clearly exemplifies your lack of maturity and your IQ level of a peanut. Who the **** are you to put others down when you're the one claiming to be a witch with a moth panda bat identity? Smh **** off and sit in the time out corner.

Not stupid that's not what a fursona is. Yeah I am a witch nothing dumb about that

I know the feeling. I was once having a great conversation with this guy and he told me that I was so fun to talk to that he almost didn't notice that I was fat.....

Ouch, I think people sometimes say that sort of thing, thinking it's a compliment or something but it's actually offensive, unless it's a joke between family members or close friends. It also sounds very passive-aggressive.

What a douche OP shoulda socked him in the jaw