By Cody - 19/07/2010 13:59 - United States

Today, my kids surprised me when I got home. One of them played the Rocky theme song on the stereo, and the other came up to me and said, "Daddy, let's go. We need you to drop about 15 pounds before you appear in front of all of our friends at our play." FML
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Then loose some weight. Dó it for your kids.

awwwww, that is so cute. No more twinkees for you for a while tubby.


Then loose some weight. Dó it for your kids.

the problem here is they pre-meditated weight-loss for there daddy, and u suspected nothing, murderous duo maybe or are they both gay?

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ah hahahaha!!! you're kids are awesome. thats adorable. in a kind of mean way but still.

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5t3ff1k4h, How do you "loose" weight? With a knife. You can slice off a nice fat roll and set it loose much quicker that going through the hassle of "losing" it with diet and exercise. The uncontrollable bleeding and almost-certain infection make this an ill-advised option.

the kids are only thinking about their feelings not yours, show up drunk and introduce yourself as their father. that will show em

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hahaha 22-that's hilarious.

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ur kids really talk like that? "appear?"

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How rude of your children!! I can't believe they are trying to peer pressure you like that! How selfish of them to want you to be healthy and live longer!!!

Aww thats so cute. Its not like they just called u fat and didn't try to motivate you. You should just go with the flow.

hey 11... how does one "lose" weight then? I've never woken up and gone "shit what did I do with my love handles last night?!"

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hha aww ur kids are soo sweet and cute!!! i hope mines will be like urs! but hopedully i wont be fat hehe

perdix, I haven't seen you in forever. I missed your comments!(:

treesdevin 0 are like drunks they speak the truth....yet....i still hate them with a passion

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dont take that from them punch those teeth right in the babies

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Not gonna lie, that's so cute. XD

awwwww, that is so cute. No more twinkees for you for a while tubby.

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haha well atleast they played the Ricky theme song:)

48, Ricky is a typo. They meant to type Rocky.

the Ricky song u k ow shake ur bom Bom shake ur Bom bom .... *win*

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Actually, there is a movie spinoff of Rocky, called Ricky. Needless to say, it is utter failure. But, it is most likely a typo.

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how does this song go? I wanna know now!


I cracked up when I read this FML. Sorry but I just had to tell someone and didn't want my comment to end up on the 4th page

You know it's bad when even your kids tell you to lose weight.

your kids are smart... man up and lose 15 for them...

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