By Sandra - 18/02/2009 14:15 - Ireland

Today, I got talking to a really hot guy at a party. He told me that he was only here because he heard the host would sleep with anyone, and he and his buddies had a bet going. It was my party. FML
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When's your next party?!

So how was he?


it sounds like the person he was looking for is his only hope.

When's your next party?!

haha. nice(:

So how was he?

@#9: l2read. she "got talking to" not "got to talk to". very different.

DAMN. I hate rumors. -_-

Did you tap them?

class.... sheeeer class.

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ha . what are you ? 40 ?! eww !

bitch you're 14 stfu!

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hahaha oh daum... that's gotta suck having a rep like that. You still slept with him.. right? And you still throw parties? tiskk tiskkk

Split the winnings.

Well find out who he's friends with and now you know who thinks you're a whore. Sucks.