By kat9232000 - 19/06/2009 04:04 - Canada

Today, my older brother told me that no matter how fast you run at automatic sliding doors, they'll open in time. So I ran at a pair. They don't. FML
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Older brothers will say anything to make you look like an idiot, and you can't move faster then the machine can do it's job. I can't believe you believed him.


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life lesson:: never believe older brothers, mine convinced me that if you put ur tongue on a charged battery enough times it gave you super powers.. have you ever licked a charged battery? ouch

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haha yea, i also tried it with a cellphone charger, it stings like hell.

What the hell are you? 6 years old?

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in the States the automatic doors open faster then you can run.

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Well thats cuz your from canada and if this happened to an American then we would have stopped running after noticing the door isnt opened. ******* retarded canadians

If this happened to an American we would sue because of our own stupidity.

Ever wonder why there are no "Duckasaurus"? Because you're freaking dumb. Keep your anti-american comments to yourself dick.

Not true. I was staying at the Contemporary Resort in Orlando for an academic competition and was running late for the next round because I overslept. Having five minutes to run from my room, through the lobby, to the convention center, I had three sets of automatic doors to pass through. I ran into the first one when I didn't register it hadn't opened. After that, I made sure to pause for a second before going through the other doors. And yes, I made it to competition, and my team made third in our division. ETA: 93, you're retarded.

American doors only open faster than we can run because we're too fat to run fast =P

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# 93 you are a huge retard. Just because this person is a Canadian doesn't mean that everyone in canada is a retard .

Sorry 93, but a few FML's ago was about an American yelling at a garbage can for 5 minutes because they thought it was a drive-thru speaker.... Personally, I rather have the kid running into doors....

Ah but anti-Canadian is JUST FINE. Arrogant asshat Americans...


i think he made a good point

there may be no duckasaurus out there, but there are plenty of you retards in our country who criticize other nations, yet get too defensive when someone criticizes us. if you think our country is flawless, then you're either brainwashed or retarded. and another thing. pointing out some of our flaws isn't "anti-american" - I hate when people like you use the phrase and don't even know what it means. Being anti-american is standing against all of our core values: liberty, freedom, justice, etc. Moron

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# 104 your ******* stupid.. he has a ******* point dumm ass.. he said "we would sue" prolly meaning he's american.. and it is very true.. americans sue for dumm stuff.. I guess ur one of them..

@ 180: I'm sorry. I can't take you seriously when you spell dumb, "dumm"...Try again later. To #171: First off..never said America doesn't have flaws or is perfect. Nice job reading. Also, notice how I never insulted another nation. Weird. "And another thing"...being anti-American does not mean standing against all of our core beliefs. Go look it up and try again. Thanks


lol that was mean but funny at the same time...

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liberty, freedom, justice? in america? that is hillarious

He can't help it for speaking a generalized truth about Americans.

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what idiot actually listens to their brother??!!!!!

"so I ran at a pair" best statement on the Internet

I wanna every square inch of your body... holy ****.

Yeah there are slaves, and no courts in the USA! Livery, freedom and justice don't exsistance here! Stfu you ignorant spoiled brat. You have no idea what those concepts are and how lucky you are to live in a place with them.

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What the ******* **** 93? Giving Americans bad names asshole.

Older brothers will say anything to make you look like an idiot, and you can't move faster then the machine can do it's job. I can't believe you believed him.

Did you know that gullible is not in the dictionary!

actually, i think it is. you just want people to be "gullible" and look it up. retard.

#81: Has anybody you know ever fallen for such a stupid trick?

...that's...the entire point... of saying it.. Like, you know... "hey, there's something on your shirt! -nose flick-" and all. In any case, I've lost brain cells because of this FML... Edit: #173, I think 81 was saying it to point out the insanity of listening to an older brother. It would be like looking up gullible to see if it was in the dictionary.

I have actually had a couple people fall for that. One person even checked multiple dictionaries...

Well at least that special helmet you always have to wear would have cushioned some of the impact.

Nice. I firmly agree that the OP is a pillock although I must admit that my older brother used to do the same kinda thing. He once, while walking me home from a piano lesson, told me to wait for him in the middle of the road as we were crossing. It took him a moment to realise that I had actually done it. To be fair I was quite young.

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Most children will believe anything, especially if it's a family member.

thats true, when i was little my big sister told me to put my hand over the kettle once it was boiling, but then she kind of didn't let me move it away, ended up with 3rd degree burns lol

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Haha, why didn't you just run towards them and stop in time? I almost always have to stop because they don't open in time at normal speed. I thought Canadian people were smart. :-o

They are. It's Americans that are stereotypically dumb.

just half of us.. the ones who voted for Bush.. and the ones who thought Palin as vice president was a good idea.

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yeah but who else is there that is not a douchebag?

yeah, that's true. because Obamateur is doing so well. let's nationalize the auto industry, now the health care. another TRILLION dollars to the deficit? Bush's fault. yup, republicans are idiots

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but the ones who voted for obama and thought he was a good candidate, were the biggest retards and most gullible brainless ding-dongs to walk this earth.

fuhk politics thoroughly its all a bunch of bullshit anyways. both partys are basically teh same. they are puppets for the people who really run the country. which consist of the top 10 richest families of the u.s. duh think bout it. they had to bail us out of certain shit.

#10, I think you're confusing Americans with people in general.

haha are you blonde and im not paying out blondes coz im blonde