By SkinsCastSelection - 17/01/2011 16:44 - France

Today, during a drunken night out, a really trashed friend said to me, "Jeez, even when I’m drunk, you're really ugly." FML
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Next time you're out with your friend, loudly ask about his herpes.

Maybe you're only ugly cause he's drunk?


Maybe you're only ugly cause he's drunk?

How hard is it to goddamn understand this fml.

fromthesuck 8

How hard is it to write a proper goddamn sentence

UpsidedownKayak 9

Wow, that is bad if your lush of a friend sees you pretty ugly.

perdix 29

Oftentimes, an ugly woman can liquor up a guy to have her way with him. It's good to know that your investment with this guy won't pay off dividends -- you'll just have to find another victim, Warty McFatFat.

Someone doesn't need to be fat to be ugly.

Perdix, your comments have jumped the shark. Time to reinvent yourself.

"Oh yeah! Well, at least you'll be sober in the, wait, ah damn..."

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are you saying he should lie to her and say she's hot cause they're friends? are you ugly too??

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nvm I thought it was a joke at first but now after seeing other fmls I believe this is true.