By grabber - 09/08/2009 23:43 - United States

Today, I was riding up an escalator in the mall in uncomfortable high heels. While adjusting my bag I suddenly lost my balance and began flailing wildly. In desperation I hurled forward and ended up grabbing a teenage boy's buttocks and was promptly slapped by his girlfriend. FML
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Imawhalerider 0

Girls don't usually get that defensive of their bf's. FYL

akalisser 0

I'd slap the chick back.


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Deathlyranch 0

FYL. You should slap her back. If she still is a Bitch then push her down the escalator. :)

Should've gotten back up and winked at her before busting out some Jackie Chan shit. Basically, you grab her hair, toss it into a position that covers her eyes completely. You take off one of your high heels, bite off the heel with your teeth and spit it in her mouth. That should win his hard ass over.

Why would you even wear high heels? Your going to the mall alone not to perform at a strip club.

Shadow_Phantom 26

Seriously, what? I don't get you ditzes who wear "uncomfortable" things because they're in fashion. In fact, heels are a mystery to me. This is your fault since you decided to wear heels, YDI. Female, 18, and never worn heels. And yes, I have a boyfriend.

Ligerie 0

Your from Bakersfield? No wonder I find you retarded....

Redneck325Ci 0

Correction...It should read; "You're from Bakersfield. No wonder I find you retarded." Nice way to make yourself sound retarded. Oh, the irony!

grammer police? fag

That should read: "Grammar police? Fag."

XxHannahxX 0

Damn, people get so sensitive over minor grammar errors, seriously why don't we just focus on the main topic: The FML? As for the FML, YDI for wearing uncomfortable shoes to look fashionable.

XxHannahxX 0

Btw to the Redneck dude, if your going to correct somebody's grammar do it correctly. He obviously meant for "You're from Bakersfield" to be a question, not a comment. Even my 7 year old sister could have figured that out. Next time you want to be an anal douche, don't make yourself look stupid.

thereitgo 1

By the way to the Hannah dude, if YOU'RE going to correct somebody's grammar that's already correcting another person's grammar do it correctly. He obviously meant that aside from the question mark, the "Your" should've been a "You're," something that you clearly haven't grasped yet. Even my 7 year old sister could have figured that out. Next time you want to be an anal douche, don't make yourself look stupid.

but your still hella fugs!

Redneck325Ci 0

You got owned by "thereitgo". Therefore making you a DUMB ASS! Oh, the irony again! Next time, stick to the kitchen cunt-waffle.

Redneck325Ci 0

#54....Your comment is full of EPIC WIN! LOL

Wow, I can't believe both #52 and #54 BOTH have 7-year-old sisters. What are the odds?

Redneck325Ci 0

Lots of people have 7 year old's not that rare. Now if you said something along the lines of a monkey having a job, then there may be some odds to that.

#76 - I was just being sarcastic, making a joke about how #54 masterfully mocked #52.

Redneck325Ci 0

LOL, I was I.

Damn! I never can tell.

Shadow_Phantom 26

I'm not "from" here. I was forced to move to this hell hole, due to my father's change of jobs. I guess this could be a FML of sorts.

leyash 0

You're all pretty gay for arguing over the internet. Get a life.

hellokittywhore 0

muhahahaha!!!! this comments a win made me laugh harder then the fml did lol

I like how you name is grabber

what the fuck is with the word "buttocks" ? just use bum or butt or ass or ANYTHING other than "buttocks". jeez, we don't live in the 80's.

guitarheaven789 0

I hate escalators I always feel like falling. You should've started screaming pretending that she would rape you.

awsomechick212 0

buttocks? lol

charliethom 0

#88 you get a life and stop using gay as a curse word douch bag WHT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU BITCH and no I'm a Strait female who does not know gay people ( unless there keeping it a secret)

Imawhalerider 0

Girls don't usually get that defensive of their bf's. FYL

I disagree. my brother insulted me and my girlfriend beat him with a boot

akalisser 0

I'd slap the chick back.

Why? If you were walking with your BF/GF and someone touched their downstairs area I can't imagine you'd be to happy.

Why would you wear uncomfortable heels, really? Or any uncomfortable shoes? Especially if you're going to be walking around a lot (you're in the mall, after all). FYL, but still... fucking hate heels they're always uncomfortable. Just don't bother... How did she not notice your flails?

Maybe she thought OP's flailing was fake, and that she was acting like she was falling, as an excuse to grab the guy's ass.

meaganinja 12

10, nobody is that desperate.

badluckalex 23

you would be surprised

Maybe you shouldn't buy shoes that you can't stand in.

Grab the railing next time?

Hoax_fml 0

The railing? Gee whiz, that just might be crazy enough to work!

Protegas 0

The railings move, too, and would most likely throw her more off balance.

Why does #57 have a bunch of thumbs down? Escalators legitimately don't have railings other than the belt thingies, do they?

next time, tell his girlfriend not to be bitter, she can join in too.

YDI for wearing heels.

kellster 2

Seriously, all the people telling you YDI for your idiotic footwear have a point! And really, grabbing for the handrail didn't occur to you before the butt?