By ohhelllllno - 20/04/2009 10:05 - Canada

Today, the $300 ring my boyfriend gave me for my birthday slipped off my finger... into the toilet. I had to sift through my own poo to get it back. FML
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"Today my girlfriend told me the ring she thinks cost me $300 fell in the toilet and she fished it out. It was $5 at a garage sale. FHL"


heh, Love has no bounds

Bahaha, win! ^

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at least it was your her own poop

it took me a second to get that, now I can't breathe

Fake, girls don't poop.

Take it to a jeweler and have it tightened... as you should have as soon as you got it. And be happy that you did not lose it altogether.

hahaha #2, you're awesome that does suck though. try to get the ring sized better... and while they're at it, have them clean it!

at least you got it back

ur life sucks... u gotta take out ur ring from ur poop! woww.... (that was totally sarcasm if u didnt notice)

thats not the best use of sarcasm....just saying =/

Where was the sarcasm?

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are you 10?

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damn... that really sucks. at least you got it back! :P

lol #3. Was it at home? Else I would have used a glove...